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Gold Trading

Trade Gold

In today’s markets it is possible to make profits from trading commodities, such as gold without having to physically own the metal. Gold trading via CFD’s is based on opening a temporary order to buy or sell an exact amount of gold. The profit or loss is determined by the change in the price of gold during the contract duration.

Start trading Gold with AvaTrade and enjoy the benefits of trading with a regulated, award-winning broker!

At AvaTrade you can trade gold online, easily and effortlessly. Try gold trading with the leading regulated broker and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Trade gold with competitive spreads
  • Make larger trades with leverage of up to
  • Trade on the powerful MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms
  • We allow trading forex and commodities on the same platform, so you can hedge your risks
  • Trade whichever way you think the market will go – long or short
  • Trade anytime with our unique app AvaTradeGO
  • Get 24/5 live client support in your language

Gold Trading History

Since prehistoric times gold was one of the first metals to be mined, mainly because of the form in which it was found, being nuggets or small pieces at the bottom of a river. It became so high in demand that Egyptians started mining it in 2000 BC. Throughout history many civilizations chose gold as a reliable and universal form of money for trading goods.

The gold standard, the monetary system for which the economic currency used is backed up by the gold reserves of the issuing country. It came to exist, due to the recognition of gold as an actual currency. It was abandoned by the United Kingdom and the whole British Empire when World War I began. Most of the other countries also abandoned it during the 20 th century.

How to trade gold

  • Open a trading account at Avatrade
  • Fund your account to have a sufficient trading budget
  • Choose the desired position size
  • Select desired leverage
  • Open a Long (buy) or Short (sell) position according to your analysis

Different forms of gold available to traders and investors:

Physical metal (bullions or coins) – A bullion is a grouping or bulk of precious metal. Measured in the form of a bar and weight.

Gold certificates – These are very similar to the first paper bank notes. Started in the 17 th century, these gold certificates acted as proof of gold ownership, and were passed like cash payments. Today they are still issued by certain banks, and represent a quantity of gold bullion or coins for its owner.

Gold futures – Is a contract agreement for the delivery of gold in the future at a set price. Investors use this to manage the price risk. Since gold futures contracts are traded at centralized exchanges, these contacts offer more leverage and flexibility than trading commodities themselves.

Gold-based ETFs – With the idea that gold continues to offer good returns, the ETF’s – exchange traded funds, are managed by gold trading experts. They can potentially give you a better chance to earn more, than if you were to trade it on your own. Keep in mind the price of gold still will continue to affect the ETF.

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Contracts for difference – suitable for traders but not investors, this derivative allows to profit from the changes in gold price during the contract duration, without either a right or obligation to purchase the actual underlying asset. Nature of CFDs allows shorting gold and trading it on a margin.


  • MT4 Symbol – GOLD
  • Exchange – NYMEX
  • Trading Hours – 23:00 – 21:59
  • Increment: 0.01
  • Minimum Trade Size: 1 ounce

Why Trade Gold with AvaTrade

You can join AvaTrade today for as little as and start gold and other precious metals trading. We pride ourselves in being a regulated and trusted broker worldwide for the past 11 years and are here to help you along the way.

You will get access to a range of educational tools, trading advantages and benefits that are exclusive to AvaTrade clients. We offer a range of trading platforms suitable for all level traders including automated trading solutions like Zulu Trade, as well as Autochartist and Guardian Angel add-ons. You are guaranteed to find the trading environment that suits your style.

Get started in gold trading with AvaTrade and enjoy the benefits of trading with a regulated, award-winning broker!

Gold Trading Online

Gold trading with AvaTrade is easy to understand, especially if you already have some experience of the forex market. Gold units are measured in Troy Ounces against a currency – usually the dollar – in a similar way to a Forex currency pair.

Gold Trading Influences and Gold Trading Strategy

Several distinct factors come into play when analysing the movement of the Gold price:

  • Supply and demand – Most of the global demand comes from jewelry production and manufacturing (50%), and investment purposes (40%). Increased demand with low supply can mean a higher price, on the opposite end an oversupply, with weak demand can drive prices lower.
  • Market sentiment – Political uncertainty and/or instability contributes to global growth uncertainty and does help in the rising prices of gold.
  • Market volatility – Gold has often been used as a safe haven investment when markets are unpredictable.
  • Currency movements – The US dollar is a strong influencer. When the dollar falls, commodity prices around the world increase. The US dollar and gold have an inverse relationship.

Overall if you are looking to an alternative investment arena, or a hedge – which is a reduced risk of price movements in any asset, then gold might be the right asset for you.
Please note that trading in this market involves risk like any other.

Here are a few tips for trading gold:

  • Gold is compared to the yen since both assets fall into the category of a “safe haven instrument”, they tend to move in the same direction. Often, you can check your trade set ups by comparing the two.
  • Focus on the price action and keep in mind that commodities can move more than currencies.
  • The most popular Gold exchange rate is the XAU to USD rate. XAU is the trading terminal’s code for gold.

Are you ready to start trading gold today? Start trading the gold market with AvaTrade and enjoy the benefits of trading with a regulated, award-winning broker!

Gold Stock Newsletters

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gold Stocks

There are many gold stock and gold share investment newsletters issued by various financial and gold analysts which one can study and follow.

Some of them are free and some are by paid subscription only. They come out on a regular basis usually monthly or weekly and in many cases, you can download a sample newsletter to see what it is like and if it is one you want to read on a regular basis.

Gold Stocks
Gold stocks are basically those shares or quantities of ownership in a company that administers gold, gold mining or gold in storage that one can buy and hold with a purpose of gaining a financial advantage, usually through the increased value of those stocks or shares or through dividends or a profit share issued to all holders of that stock or share.

Gold stocks can be much more volatile than gold prices as no two gold companies are the same. This adds many variables, such as companies management policy, mining diversification and other factors making it difficult to analyze the overall trend.

To quote Alan Snyder of Snyder Capital Management in San Francisco “Gold has all kinds of varying grades, meaning grams of gold per ton of rock.” This means that the amount of gold obtainable from a ton of ore can vary depending on the quality of the grade of ore. Some ores might return ten grams of gold per ton while others may only return one gram. This affects the cost of production per ounce of course and so can have a big bearing on the overall cost of gold production for that company and is something that should be known about that mining company.

Let’s say for example it cost a company, $500 dollars per ounce to get an ounce of gold out of the ground. Provided the gold price remains well over the $500 mark per ounce then the company will make money. If the gold price, however, were to fall below $500 an ounce, for example less gold is obtainable per ton of ore processed, then the company will stop mining gold as its unprofitable. This is the operating leverage and this will vary with each company depending on their ore deposits and costs of operation in the country they are mining.

In addition, many gold mining companies, to offset potential losses, mine more than one mineral on the basis that they can gain on the swings that which they lose on the roundabout.

Companies must also list any reserves they have as deposits that are profitable to mine at current gold prices. So when the price of gold goes up, “a lot of ore that was too costly to mine at yesterday’s price and therefore was not counted in reserves is now profitable and is counted in reserves,” Snyder has pointed out.

Investors will value gold stocks and gold shares based on their price relative to reserves. When reserves go down, stock prices and shares will follow and when they go up so will the stock prices.

An additional complication when investing in gold stocks is that a company may ‘hedge’ or sell forward. This means it sells its production before it has happened. An example of this is selling a product before you have made it. This fixes the price of the product. A good example of this is just a couple of years ago at a time when gold prices were moving up, shares in Barrick Gold — a large, stable company — actually dropped because it had hedged a lot of its production. “The perception was, if gold goes up, Barrick won’t benefit,” says Lynn Russell, a gold-fund analyst at Morningstar. So it is important, when looking at investing in particular gold mining companies, to understand the management strategy as far as deposits and forward selling is concerned as this can greatly affect the value of the stock in that company.

Gold Stock Newsletters
So how you pick which is the best gold stock and investment letter to follow is a good question.

Most include information on:

Gold Stocks
Gold Shares
Gold stock investing
Gold stock prices
When gold stocks are going down
When gold stocks are going up

Australian gold stocks
American gold stocks
Canadian gold Stocks
Chinese gold stocks
African and South African gold stocks
Gold etf (exchange traded funds) shares
Junior gold stocks
Gold penny stocks
Gold stock warrants

Among other gold related issues and investment potentials.

All of the gold stock analysts are into predicting or trying to predict the future of gold stocks, gold shares and gold mining companies. Are gold stocks going up? Are gold stocks going down? What the best gold stock to invest in and similar issues.

These newsletters are covering, then, what the gold price going to do in months and years ahead and what sort of gold stocks or gold shares one should invest in. Also the gold stocks history and past performance as well as analysis by charts with the usual tools of technical analysis and fundamental approaches.

All of them, of course, display somewhere a disclaimer that they are not giving specific advice on investment or any financial advice. This is mainly to protect themselves from being sued by their readers or subscribers in the event that that subscriber or reader suffers a reversal of fortune or, in plain English, looses a lot of money as a result of following the advice or suggestions contained in the newsletter.

The write ups in this section of are basic information on the major gold stock and investment newsletters including who they are, a short bio or history, what they advise on and if the newsletter is free or needs to be subscribed to and if so how much it costs.

One should keep in mind that the discussions and look forwards in these newsletters are simply an opinion, informed of course, of the authors of the newsletter.

With that in mind many of them contain a lot of useful information, particularly about gold companies, what their management strategy is, their price history, any forward selling and much more. All very useful and can help one to make a decision about what to invest and where.

But the final decision will always rest with the investor, after all it is his or her money!

Gold Stock Newsletter Reviews
Here are some links to write up reviews to the more common and popular gold stock newsletters.

Gold Investment
It should be born in mind that no one can predict the future when it comes to gold stocks and investments and all one can do is indicate potential or possible trends based on various factors that can affect the investment. In all cases one should consult with one’s own financial advisors before embarking on any investment as, not only is it important what one invests in and with how much, but also different types of investments have different tax implications and only you and your financial consultant understands your own tax position and what is the best investment for you.

One of the best investment vehicles for gold has always been the metal itself. There are no companies to take into consideration, no extra variables such as management strategies, other activities by companies that can affect their value and stock price.

But with the flow of information available from gold stock and investment newsletters, investors in gold can move further towards making an informed decision about how they would like to invest in gold.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gold Stock

Gold stock investment information is important when it comes to gold stock investing so here are some points to consider when investing in gold stocks and gold shares

Some people can unintentionally bypass the meanings of terms used in the gold stocks and gold shares and even investment arena. It pays to thoroughly understand all the terms before reading a gold stock newsletter in order to get a real understanding of what can sometimes be a very technical report on a company. So perhaps getting a list of the terms and words used and looking them up and getting really acquainted with their meaning would be a good start to gold stock investing.

Consult with your financial advisors on what is the best type of investment for you and who to invest in when it comes to gold stocks, gold shares, gold etfs and the like. In addition you will also need to take into consideration your tax position as some investments can incur a tax while others may give a tax advantage. If one is a professional investor it is also likely that subscriptions to gold stock newsletters would be tax deductible.

There are heaps of gold stock newsletters available which give up to date information about many of the gold mining companies and other forms of gold investment such as gold etfs (gold exchange traded funds), current gold stock prices, gold penny stocks and gold stock investing. One can review many samples of these and see which one provides the sort of information one is looking for.

Not putting put all one’s eggs in one basket. An old saying but a very true one. When it comes to gold stocks and gold shares, it is a good idea to diversify one’s holdings. Perhaps some gold shares in gold mining companies but certainly some in real gold not just gold stocks or shares.

The price of gold stocks can vary with each gold company and if an investor keeps all their investment in only one, and it fairs badly, they can lose a good portion of their investment capital.

By the same token, owning too many gold stocks can be a disadvantage. This can happen when an investor keeps buying every time they ‘hear’ of a good gold stock and can end up with 20, 30 or more different stocks, they can end up not so much with a diversified stock range but are simply matching gold stock indexes such as the XAU or HUI. Then if this index goes up or down, their investment will match that and so, in effect, their ‘extra’ diversification becomes one investment and subject to the dangers of that. Many wise gold stock investors apply the principle of “10”, which is to say, they stick to having no more than ten investments in the gold stock arena. There are two advantages to this. Any fall will not cause too much damage but if there is a healthy raise in the price then this can impact very well on a total portfolio. The other advantage is that it helps one to apply discipline. If one wants to buy further gold stock then one would re-examine the current portfolio and maybe even update it.

Ounce for ounce gold stocks are not always equal. The cost of producing an ounce of gold can vary not just with different companies but also with different drilling locations by the gold mining company. Even holes drilled by as little as 15 or 20 feet can make a difference in the cost of an ounce of gold. The US SEC require a mining company to report the results of only one type of ounce totals. Other factors, such as the economics of processing the ore for gold, usually done by an independent feasibility study, need to be looked at. These are then called the Proven and Probable Reserves and should be looked at when considering investing in gold mining stocks.

The most important point of course is to do a though due diligence on any gold stock or gold share one is contemplating investing in. The secret to any investment in gold is to really study as much gold stock investment information as you can.

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