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Trade 24: an Online Broker in a League of Their Own

Trade 24 is a top tier CFDs, Commodity and Currency brokerage specializing in fully optimized trading platforms which main goal is to offer speculative investors of all levels an easy and smooth online trading experience. They do not offer trading binary options, however trading customers who log on to the robust yet intuitive Trade 24 platform are instantly connected to the stock market exchanges featuring a massive selection of assets, shares, currency pairs and securities to trade on.

Simply put, it means anyone, from home trading enthusiasts to your personal banker, can generate monetary gains by trading in stocks and speculating on market trends. All within a simple to use platform accessible from home and on mobile devices.

Featuring publicly traded companies, from hi-end giants such as Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon and Tesla to auto industry veterans like BMW and Ferrari, Trade 24 offers its clients a huge roster of items on which they may hone their skills, leverage their investment and distribute their portfolio. New to the genre as well as more experienced traders’ can learn how to increase their income cycle by taking advantage of frequent signals packages, comprehensive personal guidance, and a tailored approach to trading online.

Trade 24 easily outshines many of its contemporaries by introducing a multi-purpose account which incorporates both Social Trading tools and MT4 based robustness. It’s a matter of your preference as a client, which is what matters most.

If you take to a more traditional mindset, you may choose to trade in commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil, Sugar, Wheat, Corn and Copper via a fully realized MT4 account, while also minimizing your risks in copying the actions of more experienced traders in areas which you may be less acquainted with, for example: major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, JPY/CHF, CHF/AUD, GBP/EUR, and even virtual currencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

The wide array of tradeable assets can be intimidating at first, however, Trade 24 team of experts offers free insights on learning how to better distribute your gains by investing on widely traded indices including the S&P 500, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, DAX, and the Nikkei 225.

Trade 24 communications package and website features:

  • VideoTutorials – Providing prospective investors with a step-by-step guide to safely navigate the financial markets.
  • Interactive Webinars – Giving first-time traders ongoing courses presented by widely respected economics mentors ready to answer any question in a form clear and simple to understand.
  • Free eBooks – Discover the world of endless financial opportunities with Trade 24’s eBook series valued at thousands of dollars, absolutely free. You can also find some ebooks related to trading on our website here: Binary options ebooks
  • Around the clock assistance – On hand Customer Support team engages with new and existing clients on every possible issue, from technical help to providing account-related answers. Just ask!
  • Your personal consultant – Each trader is assigned a dedicated account manager to provide guidance through the trading process. Readily available to answer any questions as well as internalize feedback from clients, Trade 24’s team of experts is one of the best in its field.
  • 5 Account Types – The Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mega and ECN account types make sure that your specific needs are met. More impressively, in case you did not find an account that suits your needs, simply contact your account manager to receive your own personalized account type.

Custom made Trade-24 trading platform

To summarize,

Trade 24 seems to be one of the few remaining brokers who are flexible enough to understand that each individual trader is unique. Each to his own style and wants, whether you are an aggressive short term speculator or a long term calculating strategist with an elephant’s patience, Trade 24 will accustom itself to you, not vice versa. That is the key difference. One disadvantage I have found though is that they do not offer trading binary options – maybe that will change in the future?

Offering five different account types, as well as personalization, adjusted to each individual’s budget, experience and availability is a refreshing change. I myself only trade between 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. Thus, Trade 24 definitely keeps the safety and personal preferences of their clients in high esteem.

To conclude, the reason Trade 24 boats the most loyal customer base, according to their own statistics, is likely due to the fact that an updated, easy-to-navigate online trading platform combined with a top notch customer support staff provides for a financial broker with an extremely satisfied clientele.

To start enjoying all of the benefits Trade 24 provides, simply register to open an account – no commitment necessary – so why don’t you give it a try today and see for yourselves!

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!


More about the author Step

I’ve wanted to build a business of some kind and earn money since I was in middle school. I wasn’t very successful though until my senior year in highschool, when I finally started to think about doing online business. Nowadays I profitably trade binary options full-time and thus gladly share my experiences with you. More posts by this author

5 Responses to “Trade 24: an Online Broker in a League of Their Own”

I’m a young trader who has just deposited 500$ into my account. I want to start social trading as well, but when I allocate like 100$ to someone I copy, nothing happens…
Am I doing something wrong?

Dear Diederik, unfortunately I am not sure about why it doesn’t work. Have you tried contacting their customer support?

I am trading with Trade24 for 3 years, very good service.

To be honest, trade24 is the one and only broker who wants their clients to be successful and profitable in their trading. Great execution, no slippage and better spreads. The great thing about this broker is their analysis and report which they send every trading day which helped me to become a better trader than I was earlier. I usually don’t write reviews for brokers but their service really inspired me to write a review for them. I really appreciate their customer support and No fee based deposit and withdraw for such excellent service. So far, a good new broker, wishing a good future and hope that they will consistently provide services like this to traders like me.

Hello, what are your experiences with withdrawing money at trade24?

I read a lot of articles that trade24 is a scam and i also invested 5000 euro already….

A League of their Own

One of the fixtures of many a summer blockbuster movie is the small, outnumbered band of heroes battling against overwhelming odds…and winning. (“The Avengers” is a good example this year.) But the theme of David vs. Goliath is nothing new in the world of advisor custodians. The Big Four—Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade and Pershing Advisor Solutions—dominated the market with more than $1.4 trillion in assets at the end of last year, Aite Group reports; indeed, Schwab and Fidelity hold close to three-quarters of the entire RIA custody market. But a number of smaller players are gaining traction: Scottrade, Shareholders Service Group and TradePMR among them.

Part of the reason for their success, officials at these smaller firms say, is the transition of brokers away from wirehouses where production levels have been raised; the breakaway brokers are looking for new and more flexible arrangements, and smaller custodians that don’t insist they meet asset minimums. (This is particularly helpful for breakaway brokers who aren’t sure how many of their clients, and assets, will come with them when they start life at a new practice.) Some small custodians also have arrangements with third-party service providers that offer up separate account managers who otherwise wouldn’t be available to smaller advisors. Advances in recent technology also allow smaller custodians to offer the same tools their larger competitors do.

But it’s not an easy road for smaller custodians, either. Industry observers say one of the biggest problems afflicting these players is low interest rates. A major source of revenue for all custodians is the spread between the interest they pay on the investor cash they hold, versus the returns they obtain by reinvesting that money elsewhere. But the lower rates that have been a staple of the market since the 2008 crash are putting the squeeze on these spreads.

“In the absence of those margins, in order to be profitable, I think custodians have to be even larger,” says Philip Palaveev, president of Fusion Advisor Network in Elmsford, N.Y. “It puts pressure on everyone, but presumably the larger custodians have more available existing sources of profitability….If you’re a smaller custodian, you don’t have the same negotiating power to create that same level of spread.”

And yet, the smaller custodians are having some success with advisors and assets. One of the surprises contained in a report released last spring by Aite Group was the pace at which smaller custodians were growing, both in terms of assets and advisors. Scottrade Advisor Services, the discount DIY brokerage’s registered investment advisor platform launched seven years ago, grew assets by 45 percent from the prior year to $35 billion, Aite estimates. (The report didn’t break out how much of the growth could be attributed to net asset flows and how much to market appreciation. Scottrade disputed the $35 billion figure but wouldn’t offer one of its own.)

While it’s not hard to put up big percentage increases when you’re starting from a smaller base, Scottrade’s performance was still the biggest percentage increase among six leading custodians Aite tracked. The runner-up in asset growth was TD Ameritrade, with $142 billion in assets from about 4,000 RIAs, a 22.8 percent asset increase.

“It’s staggering, absolutely staggering,” says Aite analyst Alois Pirker. “One theory I have is that with wires pushing average production levels higher and higher, there’s some small folks that [can’t keep up] so they go independent.”

The Big Four have been stable competitors for years. Indeed, Aite’s report showed that, with the exception of TD Ameritrade, there was little change in assets under custody among these leading players between 2020 and 2020. “Most chess matches between top players end up in a draw,” Palaveev says. “It’s the same with the custodian market. They draw each other frequently because they’re good.”

Scottrade has some traction in the market. Palaveev noted that the largest custodians are also discount brokerages whose retail tech platforms in areas such as trading, account openings and service can also dovetail with the needs of advisors.

Scottrade’s entry into the advisor services market is “a natural extension of our core business,” says Brian A. Davis, director of Scottrade Advisor Services. “At the end of the day when you add the advisors into the equation, you’re still providing online discount brokerage services. It’s just you’re serving a different client, and you need to understand the needs of that client.”

Advisors are small businesspeople who are looking for custodians to provide ways for them to operate more efficiently, Davis says. The firm has advisors of “all shapes and sizes” but caters to the state-registered RIAs, those with less than $100 million in AUM, he says.

Scottrade’s advisors are not newbies, Davis says. About half have come from the independent broker/dealer side of the business, while the rest are already established RIAs who are switching or adding custodians. He disagrees with the view that Scottrade caters to small practitioners; advisor AUM averages $30 million to $50 million.

But he did agree that some advisors at wirehouses may not be growing at a pace that’s being set by corporate goals. “That advisor might be quite happy with living on a $50- or $100 million book of business and not having to meet additional requirements,” he says. “That’s another freedom of the RIA model. They have full flexibility to run the business their way, and if they want to grow it at 10 percent versus the company goal of 20 percent, that’s their choice.”

Davis attributed the growth in the past year to advisors feeling more comfortable about making business decisions than they did in earlier years. There also are more outsourcing services—in marketing and technology, for example—that help advisors transition to independence.

Meanwhile, technology is giving other small custodians a competitive edge. Shareholders Service Group in San Diego, Calif. has more than 1,000 RIAs with an average asset size of $22 million, chief executive and co-founder Peter Mangan says.

SSG has a deal with Envestnet, the Chicago tech service provider, that allows the custodian to provide access to separate account managers for its RIAs, a service that smaller advisors would have trouble getting on their own, Mangan says. At the same time, SSG provides a point of scale for Envestnet as the larger firm tries to expand its reach, he adds.

“Envestnet is the solution for us, and we’re the solution for Envestnet,” Mangan says.

Frederick A. Van Den Abbeel, executive vice-president of RIA services at TradePMR, a custodian in Gainesville, Fla., agrees that rock-bottom interest rates have hit revenues in the business. His firm has tried to offset that by providing tech tools that enhance advisor trading on its platform, another revenue generator.

TradePMR includes rebalancing tools as a service for advisors who custody with the firm, for example. Last summer it also changed its clearing agent from Sterne, Agee & Leach to First Clearing, the Wells Fargo subsidiary. Van Den Abbeel says Wells’ brand name and financial strength resonated with both advisors and clients who were less acquainted with the former clearing agent.

Advisors on its platform have grown from 950 a year ago to about 1,200 now, he says. Most have left independent b/ds to start their own firms. There’s a lot of business in the marketplace, Van Den Abbeel says.

“I believe things are accelerating in the RIA world,” he says. “If you have 550,000 registered reps who are still with broker/dealers and only 30,000 RIA firms in the country, there’s a huge growth potential for every custodian firm. There’s still much opportunity for all of us to gain market share.”

Online broker TeleTrade and Premier League Club Burnley F.C. ​are ​extremely pleased ​to ​​announce ​​their​ ​partnership

Online broker TeleTrade and Premier League Club Burnley F.C. are extremely pleased to announce their partnership, were TeleTrade will proudly be designated as the “Official Forex Trading Sponsor of Burnley F.C.”

Andreas Samatas, Director of Teletrade Europe, commented:
It is truly a cause for celebration to have the chance to work with a historic football club that shares the same principles of Responsibility and Excellence. Burnley Football Club Known for being one of the smaller football clubs ever to be playing in the most competitive league in the world, the Premier League, has demonstrated that persistence and hard work can get you to the top of your League. Their example is inspiring both for us and our traders, as we strive day in, day out to provide the best possible services for our traders to succeed in the fierce and exciting world of the financial markets.

Anthony Fairclough of Burnley FC commented: This is a very first for Burnley Football Club, having struck a deal with a Foreign Exchange Company and we are proud to have finalized, yet another International Partner.
It demonstrates the global platform we now find ourselves on and Teletrade can take full advantage of our world presence and the Billion households the Premier League transmits to.

This is a deal that will take us to December 2020 and hopefully many years beyond.

Regional banks: A league of their own?

As the first months of the new administration unfold, one sector that seems poised to benefit from both lighter regulation that the Trump administration promises, as well as the Federal Reserve’s (Fed’s) path toward higher interest rates, is financials . Within the financial sector, regional banks may be particularly well positioned due to their simplified, lending-focused business models. As the name suggests, regional banks are depository institutions that operate across groups of states but below the national level. These organizations could see potentially significant regulatory relief under the new administration if they are legally differentiated from larger, more complicated bulge bracket banks, which represent the country’s largest multinational investment banks. For example, there are proposals to raise the $50 billion threshold for “Systemically Important Financial Institutions” ( SIFIs ), a Dodd-Frank designation for 33 banks whose failure could trigger a financial crisis. With many regional banks at present grouped alongside bulge brackets under the current minimum, increasing the threshold could grant regional banks more operational freedom than their larger peers. Broadly speaking, regional banks earn revenue from lending and pay fees on deposits. When interest rates edge higher, the spread between income from loans and payments on deposits typically widens, which can help increase bank profitability through higher net interest margins ( NIMs ). Although the low interest rate environment over the past decade has compressed bank NIMs, we expect U.S.-led reflation-rising nominal growth, wages and inflation-to accelerate. Refer to the chart below.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

Where to watch A League Of Their Own online

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Last updated: 18 February 2020


The wait for season 12 is finally over, with the hit TV show hosted by James Corden boasting a great lineup of guests including Mo Farah, Dele Alli and Tony Bellew – you’ve got two options for watching online: Sky Go and Now TV

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Why use Now TV?

Now TV offers a 14 day free trial on their Entertainment package with a modest £7.99 a month there-after, all contract free.

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7 Day Free Trial

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How does Now TV work?

The service works similarly to other streaming services like Netflix in that you stream video content directly through your internet connection, but with Now TV you can be more selective about what you pay for – an Entertainment Pass will give you access to a large catalogue of TV shows while Cinema and Kids passes are available separately.

There’s also the option to buy a Now TV box, the perfect option for those who don’t already have a smart TV but prefer to watch on a bigger screen. Priced from £14.99, this device links with your Now TV Pass and makes it possible to stream live, catch-up and on-demand content on your TV at home.

For a glimpse of all things NowTV in September, take a look at the video below

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