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It seems that every day there is a new binary options software program appears like magic online claiming to be the best of the best. And yet, so many of them turn out to be pure frauds. So how does one tell the good from the bad?

We have taken it upon ourselves to review one of these newer systems: Millionaire Shield. In our Millionaire Shield review, we shall uncover the truth about this latest binary options software scheme.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 86%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

– 100% automated trading signals
– Easy to use for those new to trading

– Lack of customer services
– Missing information on company website
– Profit margin is completely unrealistic
– Way too many complaints from traders who lost their investment

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is Millionaire Shield?

Stephen Hulsman, the creator of the Millionaire Shield, tells us in the preliminary sales video that his creation can earn traders millions of dollars while “shielding” them from a sudden market “crisis.” His software supposedly is comprised of a series of complicated algorithms designed to predict binary options trading signals no matter what the current status of the market may be. He does not explain how this works, just rattles off a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that frankly does not make any sense.

Upon further investigation, we have discovered that Stephen Hulsman is not who he claims to be. Rather he is a paid actor from, a popular site for scam actors it appears. Nor could we find any relevant information to prove that the Millionaire Shield is a legitimate organization. We have our reasons to doubt the validity of this trading software.


How does it work?

Millionaire Shield is a fully automated trading robot, so all you need to do is sign with one of their brokers, pick your trading settings and let the system make trades on your behalf from its supposed guaranteed trading signals. According to Hulsman, Millionaire Shield can earn up to 7 grand a day. Again, as we have stated in previous reviews, this number is just not realistic. Binary options trading can be very profitable, but no system can generate this amount of money for one trader in just 24 hours.

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Also, despite the claims made by the CEO, Millionaire Shield is not free. This goes for any trading software program. There may be no additional costs for the software, but you cannot access the system until you have funded your account with an opening deposit. The average is at least $250. Of course, you can use this money for trading, but don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t cost a dime. You will always need to fund your account to begin trading.

We also discovered in our investigation of this system that none of their brokers are regulated so this means that they do not have to answer to a governing body. This does not bode well with us. We highly recommend that you avoid Millionaire Shield and opt for a more trusted trading system.

Final Conclusion: Is Millionaire Shield a Scam?

We do not have enough proof to say for certain that Millionaire Shield is a definite con, but we are leaning toward this assumption. The projected earnings are just too far-fetched. Also, the lack of customer service support leaves us a bit weary as well as the fact that we cannot find any solid information on the company. And as we mentioned the creator isn’t even a real person. We advise that if you chose to use this system then do it with utmost caution. It would be in your best interest to opt for a more tested and accurate trading system.

Millionaire Shield Review – Does Millionaire Shield Really Work?

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Website Preview:

Note: This is a Millionaire Shield review. If you are looking for the Millionaire Shield official website or checking for a special discount, then CLICK HERE.

Millionaire Shield is one of the best Binary Options System available online is established today. Millionaire Shield Review shows that it’s almost completely automated and the profit rate is almost 89%. Millionaire Shield features put the Best Binary Options Brokers to shame. With dozens of binary options software, it can be quite confusing to know which one really works and which one doesn’t. Each binary options system has various features & they claim to be the best. From my experience as a beta tester on Millionaire Shield, I am finding that this is the best software working for my account right now.

Reviewed Product: Millionaire Shield

Niche: Binary Options

Money-Back Guarantee: 8 Weeks

Product Format: Free Digital Access


1. Do You Need to Download the Millionaire Shield Software?

The Millionaire Shield software doesn’t need any downloading or anything like that, and anybody who’s willing to use this system can visit their website & start trading within a couple of minutes. One important aspect of Millionaire Shield is that it’s regulated by CySEC, which is an international regulator that makes sure that binary options software & investors are legitimate. Some of the most important features included in Millionaire Shield is that it provides a resource center & an advanced mobile trading app. The platform is user friendly & can be used by anyone. Millionaire Shield also provided me with incredible 24/7 customer support, in multiple languages

2. Does the Millionaire Shield Program Really Work?

Millionaire Shield is among the best binary options software programs available online at the moment. For every binary options trader, this program should help them greatly in automating their process of generating profits. While I already have experience with trading prior to using this system, I have found that none of my experience was necessary as dozens of testers who had no experience were making money as well. Millionaire Shield is an automated binary options software program that will assist individuals in learning binary options & trade binary signals like a pro.

3. How Much Do You Need to Pay to Start Using Millionaire Shield?

This Millionaire Shield Review is also meant to explain that the software is completely free to register and start using. It comes with a variety of trading options like One Binary Touch, High/low & 60 options Seconds. Assets like stocks, indices,commodities, & currencies can be traded with Millionaire Shield. Millionaire Shield System Payouts can be up to 85% with one touch trading with expiration times that can meet investors need. One touch trading have shown to give up to 100% payouts.

4. Beware of Using Millionaire Shield From Illegitimate Website

The success of Millionaire Shield has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their software in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in joining from such scam sites. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are joining and should do some research before they join any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about Millionaire Shield, yet the writeup is completely garbage as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. It is always better to avoid joining from any other website other than the official one. Users interested in Millionaire Shield should approach this website directly and get the membership rather than trying out in some other places that are selling fake memberships – See More Information at the Official Website – (link opens in a new window)

5. Pros of Millionaire Shield:

  • Millionaire Shield Software is completely free of charge
  • Millionaire Shield Software is fully automated
    The system is available as a desktop and browser-based software
  • The system is very easy to use
  • It gives you the ability to trade currencies and stocks
  • Allows you to make up to 95% per trade
  • Multiple trading signals updated each day for maximum profit
  • 24 hour access to the trading signals and software

6. Cons of Millionaire Shield:

  • Must have PC, smartphone or tablet with internet connection
  • Must have about an hour a day to use

7. How Does Millionaire Shield Work?

The Millionaire Shield Software must be accessed before you can start to use the system. This can occur once you have completed the free registration. We were able to complete this with ease, and it did not cost any money and the process was really easy! Next, the system allowed us to invest some real money, by transferring it into our own private trading account. This money was not used to pay for anything in the Millionaire Shield program, and it was our money entirely.

8. How Does the Millionaire Shield Software Trade?

The system uses special “signals”, which are basically pieces of information about what trades should be made. Using these signals, the software began to do all of the hard work for us. In fact, there was practically nothing else to do after this point, apart from sit back and watch. Of course, you do not have to actively watch, and you can just leave the software to trade your money for you. In a small amount of time, it is possible to start seeing real profits from the small amount of money that you decide to invest in the beginning. It is actually amazing to think that the software was able to do everything by itself. Testing the software, we found the Millionaire Shield web-based software is extremely powerful, and there were no problems at all.

9. Is Millionaire Shield Worth It?

If you have a little bit of time to spare, and you are willing to take a look at a new piece of software, which is quite easy to use – you might want to join up. This Millionaire Shield Review was written by people who are interested in sharing the best money-making methods that are available online. Millionaire Shield delivers and there is no question about it. Trades based on the software are scoring over 88% in accuracy. The key to making money with Millionaire Shield is to get started. The longer you debate about whether or not to pursue this path, the less money you can make as opportunities fade into the past. We recommend that if you are interested, don’t delay and get started today and see what the future can bring you. Millionaire Shield makes it easy to get in on the binary options markets no matter what your experience level or the amount of funds you have to invest.

Editor’s Note: So have you tried Millionaire Shield and would like to share your experience too? Feel free to send in your review in the comment box below or at our Contact Us page, and your review could be next to be featured!

Millionaire Shield Review

Millionaire shield is a binary options product that’s telling traders that they can make millions while others panic. The developer of the system is named Steven Hulsman, he tells us that he’s a primetime hedge fund manager and a full-time philanthropist. Stephen says that his system works in all financial situations and is available for free today.

I will be reviewing this system and taking a close look at what it has to offer the binary options community.

Millionaire Shield Review

The concept behind the millionaire Shield is simple. Steven Hulsman tells us that crashing markets are an opportunity they can be taken advantage of. He tells us that crashing markets are the best place to make easy money in this system takes advantage of it. Since the green situation a few months ago though the markets haven’t been crashing so I’m not sure if this system will be able to work when these conditions are not being met. Before signing up for the system I would like to know how it operates when the markets are normal and not crashing, like they have been for the last couple of months. If the system only works during a crash that we won’t get very much use out of it.

The millionaire Shield comes with an easy 5 minute set up and an algorithm based on post Chinese currency devaluation so that it can adapt to setting market changes for the major pairs that it trades. There are no actual results on the website. There are a bunch of testimonials, but if you’ve been on binary today before you know that I really don’t trust testimonials and the people in these videos always seem like very bad actors. There are also a few screenshots of conversations but these aren’t really proof of anything either.

At this point in time I won’t be recommending the millionaire Shield to the binary today readers. It’s not because I think that this is a bad system but because we simply don’t have enough information to truly evaluated. Considering the system was just released today I expect the binary options community to test it out and hopefully leave comments about their performance at the bottom of this review. In a couple of months of the system is impressing binary options community that I will consider providing a recommendation. If you something you would like to say please leave a comment below the article now.

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
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