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Lazy Trader App Review

Lazy Trader App is a binary options signals product that only opened on January 30th, 2020. You probably want to know if you should use LazyTrader, and will it make you a lot of money, like Rick promised on his website.

Lazy Trader App Review

WARNING… You should know that a “scam broker” will steal your money, see how.

Be Smart, and use a licensed and regulated broker, look here.

Lazy Trader App system is very much like many other binary options trading signals software. When you watch the video, the actors sound very convincing and genuine. They are trying to make you believe that we can also make $237 an hour, by following the trading signals that the Lazy Trader App software generates. We also received the email telling us this is the newest and greatest software to use.

Serious investors and traders of Forex and Binary Options already know that a signal is only as good as the timing of the trade. If some tells you to buy the Euro against the US Dollar because it is going up, you will make money, only if you buy and sell at the correct time. If you buy to early or too late, especially when trading binary options you will lose money.

Lazy Trader App Binary Options Software

Lazy Trader App Scam

There were a few problems we noticed during our review of Lazy Trader App.

  1. I wanted to use a regulated legal broker, but they gave me a scam broker.
  2. What are the signals based on? Are they random or is there a technical analysis method behind them.
  3. Which Expiry Time should I use on the binary option that I am buying. Is this signal good for 5 minutes or one month.
  4. They are making very large claims about potential for profits, which can lead to complaints.

If you look at the actual software, you will see that it only tells us the “Confidence Factor”, who knows what that really means.

Lazy Trader App Review

Recommend Fake Brokers

A major problem with any free trading signals software or automated trading robot is the brokers they chose to work with. As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, if you want to know how you will lose your money trading binary options, you should read about how the binary options scam works.

Trading binary options can be profitable and fun, as long as you are using a licensed and regulated broker. Every country has their own government agency that gives licenses to brokers.

Go visit our best brokers page, and you will find local brokers that are licensed, see here.

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Automated Trading Software

The alternative to using a binary option signals software, many people choose to use a binary option robot. There are many systems to choose from, so check out the shortlist of popular robots, look here.

Lazy Trader App Scam Software – Don’t Trust It!

The Lazy Trader App is a complete scam qand I’ve put this review together to expose it. Don’t risk your hard earned money on the Lazy Trader app which is a complete load of BS. Read the full review and I’ll reveal the truth so you can avoid losing money and becoming the next victim!

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Lazy Trader – Fake Software App

So you’re looking at the Lazy Trader website and thinking wow this Lazy Trader software app looks amazing? Wrong, it’s a complete scam and a lie. The guys behind this scam system have been behind numerous binary options scams in the past couple of months like Tesler and Fintech Profits. This particular scam is just 1 of many they have launched and they are known for stealing millions from hard working people like you. The truth is the Lazy Trader is just another scam ready to take your money if you let it.

When it comes to money making scams let me tell you I have my fair share of experience. On this blog alone I have reviewed over 100 scams like Lazy Trader and exposed them helping people like you avoid the pain of losing money. I’m actually really glad you found this page because the guys behind Lazy Trader are some of the most prolific scammers on the internet. Their scams tend to spread like wildfire and I’ve heard 100’s of stories about people losing money.

How Does The Lazy Trader Scam Work?

The scam starts out with you checking out their fancy website. You’ll watch the video of the guy driving the Lamborghini and talking about how you can make a fortune. Rick Daniels is what he’s called, or at least that’s what he will tell you. The truth is this guys an actor, he is not the real person behind this scam. He was hired to pretend to be a millionaire who can help you make money with his Lazy Trader system. You’re told that you can make $15k per day, and you can start testing in just 5 minutes a day. It sounds so easy, it has to be true? No, it’s wrong, you see they say it’s a free trial to use their software, but there’s no trial at all, it’s actually free for life.

Why is it free? It’s free because they want to suck you in and get you to sign up to the binary options broker they recommend. Once you actually follow the steps and sign up you are told to deposit money at the broker they recommend so that their Lazy Trader software has money to trade with. After all when it comes to finance and trading you can’t make money unless you actually put your capital at risk so it can be traded. They don’t really talk about risk though, they just tell you that making money is super easy and you can just use their Lazy Trader app and it will do all the hard work.

What actually happens is you’ll sign up, make your deposit which is a minimum of $250 and then the trader app will go to work. The Lazy Trader is probably a good name for this scam system because it certainly is lazy. The thing doesn’t work at all and will leave you high and dry. Within a few days of activating their software you’ll be left with no money. It will literally trade your money down to nothing and leave you wondering what the heck just happened.

The worst part is they’ll prompt you to deposit more money and say that you can still make money. Some people fall for this but most wise up by this point. The scam doesn’t stop there either because their “experts” will call you up and try and get you to deposit even more cash. These guys are crooks and Lazy Trader is what they use to scam you. The truth is the creators of the Lazy Trader software app get paid a commission to refer you to the binary brokers. They basically create a fake website full of hype so that they can sign you up to the broker and earn commissions all day long. They don’t care about your success, they just want to earn those commissions by scamming you.

“Rick Daniels” with his “wife” – 100% fake!

Fake Testimonials For Lazy Trader App

Another fake thing about the Lazy Trader app is that it uses testimonials from hired actors. Well, that’s if you can call these guys actors as they are pretty terrible. The truth is the people on the website claiming to have made a fortune using Lazy Trader are liars. They have not made a penny and they just got paid to say that they did. All these people below are fake, and you should not trust their testimonials for Lazy Trader as they are lies.

Conclusion – Don’t Trust Lazy Trader App

The Lazy Trader software app is a complete joke. This scam system won’t make you a penny, so I’m advising you to avoid it.

If you’re sick and tired of scams like this and want a real solution for making money then check out my recommendation below…

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The Lazy Trader

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Analyzing the Bear – thinking about long-term investments

One of the disadvantages I see in pure credit spreads trading is that the gains come to you almost like in slow motion. They also come in small sizes. The good old: many small winners (but larger losing trades).

And I say it is a disadvantage because when the markets rally really hard, you are inevitably left behind with a sub par performance.

It becomes even more challenging after a sudden down move. You suffer losses to the downside, the market does too, so no issue up to that point. But then if the market recovery is strong, you, as a credit spreads trader, just get your small wins, while the market gets to recover the losses much quicker.

Based on this observation, and the fact that we are in bear territory, I will prioritize my long term investment activity over credit spreads trading in this environment.

We were recently down 27% from the peak. I have been deploying some cash in long term investments but would like to add more. How low will the markets go is anyone’s guess. But a look at bear markets since World War Two gives us some guidelines as to how bad things can get:

The Median bear is -31% from the peak and 15 months to reach a bottom.
The worst case is -56.8% with two other cases close to -50% peak to trough.

In terms of depth we touched -27% already. In terms of length, we are barely one month into this.
It looks like we are headed to a recession, and I feel there is no rush to deploy capital tomorrow. It is not that I have much cash sitting idle at this point anyways. So, this will be a good time to accumulate as much cash as possible.

If the S&P500 hits 2000, that is 41% down from the peak. I don’t think you need to wait up to that point to start investing. In fact I already started nibbling. But that is a point where I would invest with confidence that the worst should be behind.

Now, if the S&P reaches 1700, we are talking about practically a 50% fall from the peak and roughly an 11 Price to Earnings ratio for the market as a whole at that point. At that level of undervaluation, I would invest very aggressively for the long run. Even using more aggressive stuff like SSO (double leveraged SPX) and hold for 10 years. Of course the most aggressive the investment, the smaller the dollar amount to allocate to it.

For option traders, I would also consider a long term Bull Risk Reversal, which is a combination of a Short Put that finances a long Call.

Just to illustrate (not that you should do this right now), but just for illustration purposes:
Using June 2021 options (to give ourselves some time for a sustained rebound), we can sell the SPY 200 strike Put for 13.97 (mid price) and Buy the SPY 310 Call at 11.07 debit (mid price again).

As a result you obtain a credit to your account of 2.90 ($290 dollars for playing 1 Put and 1 Call) and you have a strong bullish exposure via the 310 Call option and the short 200 Put. If at expiration in June of 2021, the SPY is between those two numbers 200-310, then you just made $290 dollars. If the markets rally hard, you make a killing.

Now, this play is not for everybody. It is very aggressive and I also assume the willingness to take SPY stock assignment if by expiration, the SPY is below 200 (equivalent of S&P500 below 2,000). Because of the 2.90 credit received, if the assignment at 200 happens, my real cost basis is 197.10 for 100 shares of SPY. If one is willing to hold SPY shares at 197.10 for the long run, as a long term investment, there should be no problem with this play.

A 100 share assignment of SPY stock at $200 means $20,000 dollars of capital (half of that in a US margin account). Also, just to enter the options trade, the broker will freeze some margin capital in your account. As of now, ThinkOrSwim tells me that it would freeze $3,118.30 in buying power. Tastyworks is saying $3,109.31. So, definitely not for every body, but it is something that many (me included) can consider.

A position like this one can become way more attractive at lower market prices. I pulled the above numbers after Friday March 13 close, when the S&P500 closed at 2,711.02. But just the day before, March 12 when the S&P closed at 2,480, it could have been the 185/290 June 2021 SPY Bull Risk reversal for 1.45 credit. A much lower assignment point (SPY 185) and also a much lower Call strike price of 290 not 310 (meaning market doesn’t need to go as far up as before). Of course it can get even more attractive at lower market levels.

You can also play a pure straight forward long Call option. I just don’t like this alternative a lot right now because all options are too expensive due to the super high volatility. As the markets move up, the VIX would crash, eroding the value of your Call option in the process. Yes, it wins via directionality but loses some due to the reduction in volatility. That’s why I like the addition of the sell of that overpriced Put.

You can also consider long term investments in selected companies. These are some of my favorite American names in no particular order:

In Canada I like the telcos, Telus (T.TO) is my favorite. Banks too, TD is my favorite along with the Royal Bank RY.TO. Canada National Railway (CNR.TO) is one of my all time favorites. Add a couple of utilities, EMA, FTS. All those at the right price can offer nice returns and dividends in the long run.

If you just happen to hate individual stock picking, you can go with the indexes directly. SPY, or VYM (which is the Vanguard High dividend yield ETF), etc.

Picking the exact bottom is impossible. Also unnecessary. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just long-term effective. Because we will never pick an exact bottom, there will be pain to endure. Those investments are very likely to show some losses for a while. So, you need to be mentally ready for it and not bail needlessly. Whatever strategy you choose, only apply it when you have the conviction, while also deploying a capital amount that you are not likely to need to touch to cover living expenses in many years. This will give you the necessary ‘staying power’.

We have interesting times ahead and perhaps a life-changing opportunity that will be cherished a decade or two from now.

It is sad that people are dying because of COVID-19 and that many others are likely to lose their jobs as a result of a recession. If a recession finally happens and the vaccine is, as most experts say, months away at this point. But that’s outside the control of us, mundane, small investors. We must be strategic and plan ahead with a cold head. Determine how we will protect our investments and how we can improve our financial situation for the future of our families. It is better to do so, in moments like this one: during a weekend, while emotions are not rolling and before the panic in the markets and the media cloud your judgement.


Lazy Trader App is Scam! Warning Review

You might have heard about Lazy Trader robot and you are reading this review because you want to know more about it. Well, you are at the right page. This complete Lazy Trader App review will provide the information that you need to know as well as those that they been hiding from you. One of the main reasons why people are attracted to binary options robot is the idea that it can help them achieve a relaxed and secured life without exerting a lot of effort.

The app was supposedly developed by Rick Daniels. Initially, we find it somewhat similar to other scam system online. Because of this we have decided to investigate further and prove to the world what we suspect is right that Lazy Trader App is scam. There are several things that we found out and most of them are suspicious and dubious. Continue reading our full review so you will not fall from this scam. works together with trading brokers, but we are not sure if they are registered or not. The minimum amount you need to deposit is $250 to use the platform. The application will assign a broker so one can start to earn money using the system. You can start trading after depositing the money and after the next hour you will start earning. The system forecasts the market trends and predicts that top investor’s habits in the trading market. The app then computes the most effective options for the members. The program does the mathematics and provides the best option for risk free and successful trades.

Lazy Trader App is Scam – Three Evidences

According to Rick Daniels, the application is easy to use and the fastest way to earn money. You can set it on your preferred language. One can also watch his dealing history in real time. Checking your active trades is also easy. Even those without any experience in trading can easily learn how the program works. All other scam software claims the same thing and they are all doing this to attract more people to sign up and for them to earn more. Yes it is easy to use the platform but is it working. This part of our Lazy Trader App review will present the evidences that will prove is scam.

Official Website |

According to Rick Daniels, is a system that can trade both manually and automatically. We noticed that this program places fewer trades as compared to others with the same platform because it’s supposed to trade only when the application feels that it is going to win. Rick Daniels also mentioned that his robot has 99.99% success rate, but we doubt it if the robot is capable of achieving such winning rate. There is no such thing as 100% success rate. Initially, we check Rick Daniels identity but we found nothing about him. It looks like the scammers behind this scam created the character to represent them and to make the robot looks legit.

Before you make further action, we suggest that you read our in-depth Lazy Trader App review from start to finish.

First Evidence – Who is Rick Daniels

Based on their boring video presentation at, He is a Harvard dropout and describe himself as a self-made millionaire. This man is a normal employee before but everything has changed when he met a trader for Wall Street firm named Greg. He worked with him as an errand boy. Now he owns a mansion and some sport cars and others. If he is that rich then he must be as popular as Bill Gates. So we carried out some research about him in the web but we were not able to find anything. If Daniels is really that rich, then something must have written about him. The only thing that we have found about him is that he is the CEO of This only proves that he is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind this system to represent them.

Second Evidence – Fabricated Trading Report

In their promotional video, the two men go into a coffee shop and look for someone who is willing to become a beta tester. He will use the system in public to prove that it is easy to use and very effective. This part of the video revealed that this application is a bogus and the testing part is fabricated. All the characters in the video are actors.

Also the results of the trades are not real. Check out the image above. Focus on the first two trades. To make the computation easier to understand let’s assume that the investment is $100. The average rate of profits is around 75%, but sometimes it can go up to 85% higher than this is impossible to achieve. This only means that if your investment is $100 you can only make up to $85. So, if you calculate the first two trades in the image above obviously they are lying and prove that the result presented is fabricated.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials and Endorsements

The testimonials you see in are all fake. The images are taken somewhere and actually paid actors. The profits they claim to be making are also unrealistic. Check the endorsements as well. This is one important factor that will prove the reliability of the software. Unfortunately, this robot was never endorsed. All we were able find are negative reviews.

Lazy Trader App Review Conclusion

Definitely, Lazy Trader App is scam and people should not trust this system. This robot has lots of false promises and impossible claims. This in-depth review was able to present to you the things you need to focus on when evaluating trading software. Keep everything you have learned in this review in mind and you will not go wrong.

Submit Scams Awards 2020 | Award Winners – Click Here – Tested Schemes by

Best Software Tested by | Read our detailed review & check out our latest results.

Visit for free the software for more information about the most accurate and innovative trading software of 2020.

If you find this review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

Please help us to warn people about internet frauds by reporting them: Submit Scam.

Lazy Trader App Review, Lazy Trader SCAM Exposed!

The Lazy Trader App by Rick Daniels is a SCAM trading software, and we have blacklisted it in our fair and impartial review and investigation. In what’s shaping up to be one of the most deceptive and misleading schemes being peddled by crafty affiliate marketers today, the Lazy Trader App has all the makings of a bona fide financial fraud. Daniels is the quintessential actor performing at the behest of the online promoters pulling the strings behind the scenes. It’s worth noting that the complaints we received were triggered due to a massive SPAM email campaign which is currently being promoted by some of the industry’s most dubious spammers. So please refrain from clicking on any links and unsubscribe immediately from receiving future communication. To make matters even worst, a few of our subscribers complained about overcharging after providing their credit card information. It goes without saying that there are very slimy brokers involved in this scam as well, so don’t be surprised if you get a strange phone call from an overzealous sales rep with a foreign accent during the middle of the night. If you believe this fake robot and trading app to be genuine or legit you are deeply mistaken because we know it was created with pure malice and the deliberate intention of stealing money. Keep reading our revealing review to see how we exposed these crooks and shed light on their dirty operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
Below you will see a screenshot of the testimonial section in the Lazy Trader App sales page. It is clear to see these testimonials are fake and the images have been scraped or stolen from the internet without consent. Additionally, they are making all kinds of false claims regarding the HTTPS certificate (which does not exist), as well as other hyped-up or exaggerated claims regarding how easy it is to profit with this system.

We found another problem with this service. Here’s an image of the trading interface as seen on the Lazy Trader App graphics page. It’s plain to see the trading panel is fake and was copied from an MLM software called Cloud MLM. What these morons did is copy some software they thought looked convincing instead of actually providing a real picture of their software. There is only one reason we can think of why these thieving crooks would do something like that, and it has to do with the fact that they are trying to hide the real system because they don’t want you to see how it looks like. Then again, they could just be amateur con artists trying to grab your attention.

Lazy Trader App Review
Rick Daniels the “self-made millionaire and Harvard dropout” is offering you an easy way to make $16,000 a day starting today. He claims he is a math whiz and has a fully patented trading algorithm he refers to as the “profit repeater”. We are invited to his private mansion where we are shown how he has made 47 regular people over $150,000 during a period of 10 days.

Then Steve Hazel (alias) steps up and provides a fake testimonial where he claims he earned $159,867.89 in 10 days. He says its very easy and just 9 clicks of a mouse can make you $15,000 per day and its completely free. Then Jasmine starts rambling about how Steve made $2,000 in less than an hour, as they depart and take a drive with the Lamborghini.

After a while we see them enter a cafe and talk to an actor named “Douglas Anderson”, where they do a live demo on how to make $15,000 a day or $2,000 in the “next 20 minutes”. Then they go on to say how the software takes a small amount of trades but only “when you are guaranteed to make a profit”. They say the success rate is 99.997% which is as close to 100% as possible, then he says we clicked the trade button a total of 9 times and the balance has grown to $5,000.

Then we move back to the mansion where Daniels tells us about his career and how he started at the bottom and made his way up. It started when he got a job as a gopher (go to person) on Wall Street. It was there when he met Greg who had mastered the analysis of the key factors which affect the value of stocks and currencies. So Greg knew the outcome of the trend every time he spotted a pattern. After chatting with him, he received a napkin with the 3 things he needed to know in order to make a profit every time you trade. Then he turned Greg’s formula into an automated trading solution. The software needed to choose the right asset, place the trade at the right time, and then collect the profit. Finally, the last challenge would be to find a pattern and execute trades successfully in a repetitious way. That’s why he called it the profit repeater.

In reality, we are witness to a deceptive SCAM and all the tell signs are evident and clear for us to see. We have fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, hyped-up or exaggerated claims of guaranteed earnings, and outright lies and fabrications designed to lure you into a web of lies and deception. Additionally, we have found the narrative to be flawed and full of inconsistencies and half-truths. In short, things just don’t add up.

Is it Free?
No it is not. They even say it themselves, “you need to have a balance to start trading”. That means a minimum deposit of $250 will be required in order to get started with this software. This money will be charged to your credit card by one of their unlicensed and unethical brokers.

Similar Viral Scams Trending
Make sure to avoid the Quantum Code and Millionaire Blueprint. We are constantly getting complaints about these two scams.

Fake Reviews
It’s true, there are a variety of so-called “reputable review sites” that accept bribes in the form of commissions and publish favorable reviews. If you are unsure about a certain system just message us by leaving a comment below and we shall respond.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
We know how difficult it can be to select the right system, so we have done all the research for you.

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