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EZ Trade Options Review

EZ Trade Options

Broker EZ Trade Options
US Traders Accepted
Company Name EZTO LTD
Headquarters Dominica
Regulation No
Bonus Type Match bonus
Bonus Size 100%
Max Payout 90%
Out-of-Money Reward 0%
Trading Platform Finantick
Early Closure
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards, wire transfer
Deposit Currencies US dollar, euro, Great Britain pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Russian ruble, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, Swiss franc
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $15
Maximum Trade $1,000
Online Since 2020
Trading Instruments Currencies, stocks, indices, commodities
Number of Trading Instruments 10
Binary Option Types High/Low, One Touch, 60 Seconds, Long Term, Pairs, Ladder
Customer Support Types Web form, email, telephone
Education Offered Introductory articles, live trading sessions, weekly strategic sessions, personal training sessions, eBook
Tools Offered Early close
Commission $100 minimum to withdraw, $25 fees on wire transfers (and possibly credit card withdrawals; the terms of service contradict themselves).
Languages English
Demo Account Yes, upon request

EZ Trade Options is a binary options broker owned by a company called EZTO LTD, operating out of Dominica. While the website is only available in English, USA traders are not allowed to participate. EZ Trade Options is open to traders from all other regions. At this point, however, it is impossible to give them a recommendation for the simple reason that their website is a mess. There are also some inconsistencies with withdrawal fee information.

Opening an Account (If You Can)

Your first step to getting started on EZ Trade Options is to open an account — if you can. In theory, this should be quite easy. You just fill in the short form on the right side of the page and click the green button labeled “Create Account.” That should do it — only it doesn’t right now. Whether you are on Chrome or Internet Explorer, you get an error.

At first I thought this might just have to do with my country being blocked (I am in the USA), but as I attempted to explore the rest of the site and encountered one broken link after another, I figured out it was a legitimate error.

One of the few functioning pages is the one which lists the account types, of which there are four:

  • Basic: Deposit $250+, get a 25% bonus.
  • Plus: Deposit $500+, get a 35% bonus.
  • Premium: Deposit $1,000+, get a 50% bonus.
  • Ultimate: Deposit $10,000+, get a 100% bonus.

At the Basic tier, benefits include personal training sessions and “fast withdrawals.” At the Plus level, you get live trading sessions. Premium traders can enjoy a weekly strategic session, and Ultimate traders qualify for all of these same benefits plus higher payouts.

There are no other benefits or tools mentioned. If you scroll down to the lower navigation, you will find an “Education Center” which lists articles, guides, and an eBook. All of these links are dead. Perhaps that is not true when logged in, but at the moment I would not count on it in light of the many other dead links which take you either to “Coming Soon” pages or the homepage.

Normally I would not remark so heavily on the navigational errors if this was a brand new broker, but it isn’t. EZ Trade Options has been around since January of 2020. That is more than enough time to get a site working properly. All of these malfunctions make me wonder how many bugs the trading platform has. Losing money because of all this poor design would just be a waste.

Confusing Withdrawal Terms

There is a $100 minimum withdrawal threshold for EZ Trade Options, which is pretty standard across the industry.

Withdrawal fees are downright confusing. The only page to reference for information is the terms of service page, which lists contradicting information.

Wire transfer fees are $25, and “There is no fee to withdraw via credit card so long as the account didn’t fall into our non-use or dormancy rule.”

That sounds great, but the page also states, “The cost of withdrawals once the account is verified and is not subject to the non use fee is $25 or 2% of the withdrawal sum (the greater of the two).”

There is no indication that is a reference purely to wire transfer withdrawals, so one must assume it applies across the board or can be arbitrarily imposed. If so, that is a rather hefty fee.

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

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Trading on EZ Trade Options

The trading platform on EZ Trade Options is Finantick. A few brokers seem to use this platform, but it is not one which I encounter very often. You can definitely trade on your laptop or desktop, but you can only trade on your mobile device if the site design is responsive; EZ Trade Options still does not have apps for Android or iOS devices.

The minimum trade size on EZ Trade Options is $15, while the maximum is $1,000. $15 is lower than the $25 minimum I have seen on a lot of other sites, but also higher than the $10 minimum which is also common.

Types of assets available to trade include currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. There is an ample variety of trade types including High/Low, One Touch, 60 Seconds, Long Term, Ladder, and Pairs.

As far as customer services goes, if you need help while you are trading, you can only reach the company 24/5, not 24/7 (at least they are honest about it). Unfortunately there is no live chat feature on the site; if you want to talk to someone live, you need to pick up the phone. Otherwise you can send an email or use the web form. Live chat is pretty much standard with binary options sites nowadays, so this is another drawback.

One nice feature which EZ Trade Options does offer is a demo account. You need to contact customer service to request one, but there do not appear to be any limitations or strings attached. This provides you with a chance to test out your trading strategies and explore the proprietary platform without risking money.

Conclusion: EZ Trade Options Needs a Lot of Work

As of right now, there are not a whole lot of solid reasons to recommend EZ Trade Options. I appreciate that they offer a demo account and a number of different trade types, and if there really are no credit card withdrawal fees, that is also great.

Beyond that, however, all I can cite are drawbacks. The unclear terms of service surrounding fees are a bit concerning, and the fact that half of the pages don’t seem to load properly is also an obvious problem. And then there is the matter of the broken registration form.

So for now, I would recommend avoiding EZ Trade Options. There is nothing particularly amazing about this site that you cannot find elsewhere, and the company has a lot of work to do to get this broker up to the bare minimum of acceptability, let alone par.

Is EZ Trade Options a scam?

Is EZ Trade Options A Scam?

Given the fact that this broker is still fairly new in the industry (they have only been six months on the market), it’s actually quite logical that many people ask themselves is EZ Trade Options a scam. Can their quick withdrawals be trusted, will their attractive bonuses turn out to be some kind of trap? Our team of trading experts is on the job and they will show you exactly what to expect if you open an account here. They’ve been trading with this broker for a while now and know every single detail about the company’s offer, so you can really expect reliable information in the rest of this article. Read on and see for yourself.

Is EZ Trade Options a Scam? | Platform

Obviously, since trading binary options is what this broker is all about, we first had to make sure that you can trade in a safe trading environment. That’s why EZ Trade Options Trading Platform was the first thing we wanted to check. It is based on Finantick software, which means that this is a white-label platform with simple and intuitive design. Although this software is not that common in this business, we are very happy to say that it performed absolutely flawlessly while we were conducting our trades. There were no technical malfunctions, no glitches of any kind and the assets’ prices were always accurate and updated regularly. Speaking of assets, there are more than 100 of them, so you have plenty to choose from. In any case, as far as we are concerned, this platform is completely reliable, but if we want to answer the question is EZ Trade Options a scam completely, we have to dig much deeper. Stay with us!

EZ Trade Options Trading Platform

Is EZ Trade Options a Scam? | Money Transfers

When someone asks is EZ Trade Options a scam, they most likely want to know will their money be safe with this broker. Naturally, in order to trade with this company, money transfer methods had to be tested, and we once again have good news for you. First of all, methods that can be used for EZ Trade Options Minimum Deposit and withdrawal are the same, which makes things a lot easier. At the moment, these methods are Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, plus wire transfers, of course. During these transfers, your personal and financial information will be protected by reliable SSL encryption, a standard in the trading business nowadays. Withdrawals are pretty quick, as they can be completed within three business days, and no matter which method we used to transfer our money, the funds would always safely arrive to our bank or trading account. Is EZ Trade Options a scam? The answer is becoming pretty obvious.

EZ Trade Options Deposit Page

Is EZ Trade Options a Scam? | Support

If you want to check is your prospective broker a scam, a good tip is to check their customer support because scammers often don’t invest a lot of effort into this aspect of their website. Fortunately, EZ Trade Options customer support checks out completely. On top of providing you with a team that can answer any question and solve any potential problem, you will also get assistance from expert account managers who will become available to you when you choose your EZ Trade Options Account Type.

These people are experienced traders and are there to help you prepare and educate yourself before you start trading. They really know a lot about binary options and we enjoyed talking to them quite a lot because they keep things nice and simple, but at the same time they always have some useful info to share with you. You are in good hands here, no doubt about that, so the question is EZ Trade Options a scam really doesn’t need to be asked.

EZ Trade Options Contact Page

Is EZ Trade Options a Scam? | Education

But one-on-one sessions with account managers are not the only way you can learn something new here. There are also free videos and free tutorials at your disposal, meaning you can spend a lot of time studying new strategies and ways to approach the market. You also have free news and financial analyses on the website, so you can really count on being 100% prepared before you open your first trade. On top of all that, free e-books and free webinars are on their way and you will be able to enjoy these helpful features very soon. Since they have gone to great lengths to provide their clients with great education, this company’s reliability should not be questioned. But let’s see what other traders have to say about them.

Is EZ Trade Options a Scam? | Feedback

In our quest for the answer to the question is EZ Trade Options a scam, feedback from other traders is of great importance. This is something we have already touched upon in our EZ Trade Options Review 2020, but let’s take a more detailed look here. Generally speaking, people are satisfied with this broker, but still a bit cautious, which is understandable since this is a new broker and more features still need to be added to their website. Some traders object to the fact that the broker is not regulated, but getting regulated takes time, so it’s not reasonable to expect that to happen so quickly. Apart from that, there aren’t any major complaints – people are satisfied with what they get here and the offer will only get better from this point on.

Is EZ Trade Options a Scam? | Conclusion

So, is EZ Trade Options a scam? No, we don’t believe it is. They conduct their business in accordance with this industry’s highest standards, have a very interesting trading platform and protect your personal and financial data just like all other reliable brokers in the business. Competent and well trained support team will also play an important role in your trading experience here, and you can learn a lot from this broker’s education center. All in all, we believe EZ Trade Options is a very good trading partner if you’re looking for something new, especially because they will soon significantly expand their offer. Open an account with them and make sure you’re there when that happens.

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UPDATE (30.10.2020):

EZ Trade Option has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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All brokers >>
Min. Invest Min. Deposit Max. Returns

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Old Review:

As with any new broker, you want to be sure that your money will be safe and that you will be able to actually earn a profit rather than lose money or just break. That is why it is always important to do a little background research before signing with a broker. It only takes a few minutes to read online reviews in addition to checking out the brokerage site. And a respectable broker will also be willing to answer any questions via their customer support team.

EZ Trade Options is a fairly new binary options brokerage that has already made a name for itself. Are they reliable? Read our EZ Trade Options Review to find out more information about this binary options broker as well as some of their features and benefits.

Basic information:

Online since: 2020
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Software: Finantick
Max Returns: 90%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $15
Maximum Investment: $1000
Currencies: EUR / USD / CAD / AUD / GBP
Mobile: No
Countries: All nations excl. USA

  • minimum trade is $15
  • user-friendly
  • high returns
  • doesn’t have a mobile app yet

7 Binary Options Rating:

Our EZ Trade Option Broker Review

EZ Trade Options was created by a team of financial experts that have over 50 years of experience with the Forex market as well as payment process and managerial tasks. In the short time they have been in business, EZ Trade Options has far exceeded customer expectations and surpassed many of their competitors.

EZ Trade Option Platform

The EZ Trade Options trading platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy for traders to navigate and has all of the components necessary for traders to place their trades in a timely manner. They offer both CALL and PUT options as well 30, 60 and 120 second expiry times. Their platform is based on the outstanding Finantick Binary Options Trading Platform so traders can feel at ease that the system is superior.

EZ Trade Option Assets List

We are pleased to say that this broker offers over 100 tradable assets including a wide variety of stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.

EZ Trade Option Account Types

This broker offers four different types of trading accounts, each with different requirements and benefits, based upon the skill level of the trader. The Basic Account is recommended for those new to binary options trading, while those with a bit more experience will be drawn to the Plus Account. The next level is the Premium Account, which offers up to a 50% bonus and is beneficial to seasoned traders. For those with a vast amount of trading experience and knowledge, the Ultimate Account is the highest level and offers special perks for highly seasoned traders.

EZ Trade Option Binary Options Broker Bonus

The broker offer for new traders is quite generous and will assist novice traders in getting their feet wet in the world of binary options trading. They do offer up to 100% bonuses for those who are more experienced so they can tweak and perfect their already existing trading strategies.


EZ Trade Option Deposit and Withdrawal Information

The starting deposit is $250, on par with the majority of reputable binary options brokerages.EZ Trade Options does send out emails offering Free Daily Signals for their clients.

Their withdrawal process is one of the fastest and least tedious in the industry as of this writing. Most withdrawals take only 3 days (your banking details may vary) EZ Trade Options does accept wire transfer, Visa and MasterCard as they guarantee 100% safe and secure trading and processing!

EZ Trade Option Customer Support

We are pleased to say that EZ Trade Options offers outstanding customer support. They are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and are able to be reached via Skype, email or phone. They are knowledge and professional and respond in a timely fashion.

Final Conclusion

It is our opinion that EZ Trade Options is indeed a reliable binary options broker. Their dedication to customer service as well as their ongoing commitment to providing their customers with the best trading platform possible sets them far above many other brokers. They provide a positive trading environment as well as educational tools and resources that are unsurpassed in the current market. They are constantly striving to improve their trading platform and are 100% customer oriented. We are certain that you will have a positive experience with this broker!

Additional information

Customer Service: Phone, e-mail, website form
Languages: English
Trading Options: High / Low, One Touch, 60seconds, Long Term, Pair Options, Ladder Options
Assets: Commodities, Assets, Stocks, Indices
Early close: Yes
Expiry Times: Short and Long-term
Deposits and Withdrawals: Credit Card, Wire transfer
Withdrawal Time: 3 days
Demo account: No

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Review of EzTrader Binary Trading Platform


EzTrader binary options trading platform is one of the unique trading platforms available in the market. Being one of the oldest binary options broker, EzTrader’s binary trading platform has seen significant changes to keep up with the latest market trends and changes.

(EZTrader broker Review / EZTrader broker website)

The trading platform is user friendly and offers a distraction free trading that most traders whether beginners or professionals will definitely like.

EzTrader Trading Platform Interface

EzTrader’s trading interface is very simple. The trading platform is divided into the top section navigation which can be used to switch between the different types of binary options that are available to trade. These include the Call/Put options, SellOptions, 60 second short term expiring options, the long term (monthly expiries) as well as the daily and weekly expiring contracts.

Based on the type of binary option that is selected, traders can then use the drop down to select the available instruments to trade, which shows the chart for the instrument as well as the payouts and the expiry time that can be selected.

EzTrader – Trading Platform Interface

As once can see the EzTrader’s trading platform interface is very simple to use and is very user friendly.

EzTrader Chart Interface

The chart interface with Eztrader is a bit limited in terms of functionality as it only offers a line chart and a few options such as selecting the time frame for the chart. But besides these two, there is nothing much to it. Meaning that traders who want to view charts and add their own indicators and/or drawings will find the lack of the features a bit disappointing.

EzTrader – Chart Features

However, the lack of the additional features in regards to charting interface comes with its own set of advantages, the most important being that trading is quick, besides the fact that that line charts load up pretty fast regardless of the browsers being used. Seasoned price action traders will however find that the basic charts offered by EzTrader more or less suffices as far as technical trading is concerned.

The trading interface is built into the charts which as we noted previously makes is very simple and quick to trade. The trade buttons (CALL/PUT) are located to the right to the screen including the option to change the minimum amount to invest. With the option to switch between instruments being as simple as selecting from the drop down, it is also very easy to navigate between the trading instruments and placing the trades accordingly.

EzTrader – Mobile Trading

EzTrader offers mobile binary options trading via the dedicated trading apps for Android and iOS devices. The mobile trading apps can be downloaded from the Google Play or iTunes store free of cost and can be used to trade directly from your smartphone or mobile tablet devices.

EzTrader’s mobile trading app keeps with its general theme of offering a distraction free and simple trading interface and in this aspect; traders will find that the interface is almost similar to trading from your desktop. The charting on the mobile devices is limited to the area chart but is visually appealing. The large CALL/PUT buttons are hard not to miss and traders can quickly click on the buttons to trade with ease.

EzTrader – Conclusion

EzTrader binary options trading platform is one of the simplest of all trading platforms focusing on offering a distraction free trading. The ability to trade from the desktop or mobile trading devices makes it ideal to trade on the go. While EzTrader lacks in terms of charting functionalities, it makes up for offering a light weight and a quick trading interface, which should go well with seasoned binary option traders.

EZ Trade Options Review


Last EZ Trade Options review: 3rd August 2020 [warning] Notice to Traders EZ Trade Options is not a recommended broker. Check our list of brokers accepting US customers. [/warning] EZ Trade… more


Platform EZ Trade Options
Website URL www.eztradeoptions.com
Founded 2020
Headquarters UK
Support Number +442038072141
Support Types Skype , Phone , Email
Languages English
Trading Platform Finantick
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $250
Minimum Trade Amount $15
Bonus Up to 100% Bonus
Max. Payout 90%
Free Demo Account
Account Types Basic , Plus , Premium , Ultimate
Deposit Methods Credit Cards , Wire transfer
Withdrawal Methods Credit Cards , Wire transfer
Number of Assets +100
Types of Assets Commodities , Assets , Stocks , Indices
US Traders
Overall Score
  • Up to 90% Payout
  • Minimum trade $15.00
  • Free Daily Signals sent to your email
  • Fast and seamless withdrawals and deposits
  • Immediate executions, real-time trading
  • User friendly platform with over 100 assets to trade on
  • 100% platform security guaranteed
  • No trading fees, leverage or commissions
  • Not mobile apps
  • Few deposit methods

Full Review

Last EZ Trade Options review: 3rd August 2020

Notice to Traders

EZ Trade Options is not a recommended broker.

Check our list of brokers accepting US customers.

EZ Trade options was founded in early 2020 by an assembly of professional forex traders, payment processors and derivative experts. EZTradeOptions is one of the industries fireballs. Growing in strides they now thousands of traders and growing to add to their short, yet impressive resume. They are based in London, and accept traders from around the globe.

Trading Platform

They are on Finantick platform which is extremely user-friendly and custom designed to benefit all levels of traders of all knowledge skills. The platform’s software is that of Finantick, and is the foundation of profit maximization, through a sleek and simple interface.

Type of Accounts

The broker have carefully designed four diverse accounts that each speak to the skill level of a trader and their knowledge of the markets. The Basic account is best suited to the beginner and requires a minimum deposit of only $250.00. For the intermediate trader they offer the Plus account, the advanced trader will enjoy the perks of the Premium account while our veterans of the market enjoy the full benefit package of the Ultimate account and up to 100% bonus.


Their asset index consists of 100 of the most traded assets the market has to offer. They cover all the essential commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. With easy CALL or PUT options that have the choice to trade 30 or 60 seconds up to 1 minute trades.

Bonuses Plan

Depending on the account that is best suited to the trader, they are individually presented with their specific bonus offers, starting from 25% up to 100%. The bonus offered comes in handy for novice traders just testing the markets. While the more professional trader enjoys the bonus to test his strategies before entering the market with his own capital.


A very generous 90% payout can be received on most trades. This is an industry first and something other brokers try to reach but fail.

Deposit / withdrawal

Deposits are easily and efficiently processed, so are the 3 day withdrawals that are offered by the broker. Yes, 3 days and the withdrawal of your profits can be enjoyed!

Customer Support & Education

Their customer support team are made up of ex-traders so they are well equipped to answering all of your questions and technical queries. They can be reached by email, skype and phone 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

Accept US traders

Yes, All US traders are accepted.

EZ Trade Options Review: Summary

EZTradeoptions is an US friendly broker providing an easy web-based trading platform with over 100 assets to trade. Good payout, fast withdrawals, free daily signals and excellent customer service are others good points of this binary options platform.

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