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Binary Tilt


Binary Tilt is a New Forex Broker in New Zealand.
But is it a Scam or is Binary Tilt Reliable and 100% Secure?
Minimum Deposit, Withdrawal & Regulation – See Below!


Broker Binary Tilt
Official Website URL
Headquarters 228 Queen Street, 4th Floor, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Support Number +44 203 695 2348
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, Contact Form, E-mail
Minimum 1st Deposit $300
Minimum Trade Amount $10
Payout 85%
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Account Types Basic, Classic, Premium, Gold, Platinum, Privilege, Islamic
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Wire, PayPal, WebMoney, CashU, Qiwi, GiroPay, PaySafeCard, YandexMoney, etc.
Number of Assets 80+
Account Currency USD, NZD, GBP, ZAR, AUD, JPY, EUR, CNY, CAD
Overall Score 8.4/10

Full Review

Binary Tilt is a new Forex broker established in New Zealand and they come up with some interesting features.

Is Binary Tilt a Scam?

Actually, Binary Tilt is a reliable Forex platform with legitimate assets and trading offers. Binary Tilt is regulated by Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) of New Zealand. People should never call a Forex broker a scam if they don’t have the knowledge and skills to trade successfully, because there are also other brokers who were able to make thousands of dollars while trading on these platforms, especially on Binary Tilt.

Binary Tilt comes as a professional and reliable trading platform and they are also having regulations regarding the rights of their clients. This platform is also maintaining the confidentiality of bank details for the customers, so the ones who register in here should never worry about their safety in here. Moreover, the assets are 100% reliable and true, but it doesn’t mean that everything you purchase will also give you back an earning. That’s what every broker should understand about the Forex broker platforms.

Binary Tilt Review

One advantage of Binary Tilt is that they have two different accounts to keep the customer money away from the firm’s money. This way the customer is safe if the firm goes into bankruptcy.

Moreover, Binary Tilt provides many depositing methods available for everyone. The same goes for the withdrawing too. You will be able to withdraw your money directly into your bank account or into another banking platform, such as PayPal or Skrill.

Only few brokers on the market offer the convenient option to use PayPal. This makes money operation with your broker accessible everywhere.

When it comes about other reviews people are having different opinions and thoughts about Binary Tilt. Some of them are making bad reviews about this new Forex broker platform, by the time others are sustaining it. However, people are still coming in here and they make deposits in order to be able to purchase and to sell assets. Some of them are successful, by the time others are just losing money. Every Forex broker platform is having a failing rate when it comes about assets and the same goes for BinaryTilt, too.

Review Verdict: Binary Tilt is NOT a Scam

Binary Tilt Withdrawal

If you want to withdraw your money while trading on Binary Tilt you can also use your own credit card if you have a Visa or a MasterCard. However, you can also use Skrill, Netteller, CashU or PayPal to withdraw your money. Some Forex platforms won’t allow you to withdraw more than you’ve deposited, but this thing do not apply on Binary Tilt.

Luckily this is something great and legitimate, because other Forex broker platforms won’t allow the customers to withdraw anything, and this is how people are considering that every Forex broker is a scam.

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

It is actually very simple to withdraw your money from here. All you have to do is to log in into your account, to access “My Account” and then “Withdrawal”. From here you are able to complete the withdrawal request form and once everything is ready all you have to do is to click “Withdraw”. The process is very simple and the money is transferred into your credit card, bank account or other financial account in less than three days.

However, in any circumstances the money might take longer to be delivered, but still, they will never disappear and you can always keep an eye on the withdrawal transaction.

Binary Tilt Minimum Deposit

In order to start trading on Binary Tilt you will have to make a minimum deposit of 300 USD. Some people are considering that this is too much for the first deposit, but the brokers who are having more than 5 years of experience are not considering that a problem.

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (02.02.2020):

BianryTilt has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Min. Invest Min. Deposit Max. Returns

Try also Binary Option Robot if you are looking for automated binary trading.

Old Review:

Here at 7 Binary Options, we do everything possible to ensure that our esteemed readers get the best information possible, regarding the best online binary brokers to invest with. Since the day that our website was launched to date, we have continued to offer transparency and insights into the best investment opportunities in this market for our readers. This is the reason why we are rated as one of the best sources of information regarding binary option brokers , binary options robots and binary options signals by the people. Over the years, we have recommended nothing, but the best legitimate brokers for our readers. In this article, we would like to enlighten you on the various aspects of BinaryTilt binary options broker.

As mentioned in an earlier article, BinaryTilt broker is a highly regulated broker and is among the platforms that we have listed in out list of trusted brokers. The broker is a leading provider of quality services and good investment opportunities. It is one year now, since we started investigating this website and are happy to report that no complaints were recorded for the broker. This implies that all the traders using the trading platform provided by this company are content with the services offered on the platform. There are certain times when traders venture into binary options without going through the financial analysis of the broker they are using. Such brokers end up angry after loosing their money on the platform and start complaining about the broker. However, BinaryTilt did not even get such complaints.

Since we have reviewed a good number of online brokers today, we come across such false accusations often. It is r commendable that BinaryTilt does not even have such false complaints about its services. What is unique about this broker is that its binary options platform is trustworthy and highly stable. As a matter of fact, the traders on this platform are satisfied with the features and tools offered by the binary platform. Additionally, the data provided on this platform is accurate and applicable in the traders’ day to day trading activities. Traders using the BinaryTilt platform are also content with the speed at which their withdrawals are processed. As such, the broker has become one of the most sought after brokers today.

Not only has BinaryTilt proven to be a reliable broker, but has also offered a platform that has active support for its customers. The solutions on offer on their platform are compatible with most Mac and PC computers. Additionally, the platform supports mobile trading of binary options through the BinaryTilt mobile trading application. With a fast and user friendly platform and reliable and safe banking system BinaryTilt is one of the brokers you can trust today.

Is BinaryTilt Genuine?

The binary options market today is a very diverse and heterogeneous market where traders from various parts of the world as well as thousands of brokers interact. As such, it can be very difficult for traders to rule out which brokers are legitimate and which ones are scams. While the internet has facilitated the growth of the binary options financial trading industry, is rather sad that there are certain players who are out to trick traders and steal from them. Since we have substantial experience in this market, we have gone out of our way to investigate the various online binary options brokers and advise you on the best ones to opt for. In this regard, we have also reviewed BinaryTilt broker and ascertained that it is indeed a legitimate broker. This is why you should not be worried about investing with this broker.

Currently, we have a large pool of readers from across the world who rely on us to guide them in the right directions, with regards to genuine brokers in this industry. It is also very common to get complaints from our readers or requests from the readers to investigate the activities of certain brokers. For the period we have been reviewing this broker, none of such complaint or request came through. Though not conclusive, this is an indicator of how satisfied the traders on this platform are with the broker. If you are in doubt of any brokers, you should consider signing up through the links we provide on our website so that we can assist you resolve any issue that may arise between you and the broker in the future.

A brief search of the internet will help you understand that the traders on this platform have not yet complained about the services offered by this broker. The truth is that there is no complain about this broker on any online platform that you may be searching. Again, if you feel like you have been conned by a regulate broker, such as BinaryTilt, you can also launch a complain with the relevant authorities and have them follow up with the broker on your behalf. This is why it is hard to see a scam online binary options broker that is regulated. The regulated brokers will not do anything mischievous and risk their regulated status because they are closely monitored by the bodies that registered and regulated them.

This is a guarantee that BinaryTilt is a real and authentic binary options broker and that the company will never get involved in fraud activities. This is why the company has also been keen on avoiding scamming customers and building a highly secure and reliable online binary options platform. As a result, we have featured BinaryTilt in our list of legitimate brokers and you should give them a try.

Withdrawal Process at BinaryTilt

BinaryTilt is a regulated binary options broker with its headquarters in New Zealand. The company focuses on offering the best trading experience possible for its traders. This is why the binary options trading platform at BinaryTilt has evolved to become one of the most stable platforms supported by innovative and advanced technology. Owing to this fact, the platform can take many simultaneous transactions at the same time, which is precisely why the BinaryTilt binary options platform offers simultaneous trading streams. The platform at BinaryTilt makes use of Markets Pulse software. This software runs almost all the processes on this platform and also integrates all banking processes as well. This alone has made deposits and withdrawals by traders into and out of their accounts simple and straightforward. This is why none of the traders on this platform have ever recorded any complaints about the deposit and withdrawal processes at BinaryTilt.

To withdraw funds from their accounts, traders on this platform may use credit cards or the many other withdrawal options allowed by this broker. Additionally, the broker has also included various payment processing methods to suit clients from various geographical locations. This is a unique feature because it is not easy to get a broker offering so many payment processing methods today. Although Credit cards happen to be the most spread payment processing option on this website, traders may use an array of local net wallets to withdraw and deposit funds and to get faster payment processing.

All the withdrawals from this platform will be manually processed by the staff at BinaryTilt. Once processed, the money will take up to 10 days to be deposited to your preferred destination. The period taken for the money to reflect in you withdrawal method account will mainly depend on your geographical location. For the Australian traders using this platform, the company doe not charge any withdrawal fees or costs. However, traders residing outside Australian will incur a processing fee of $20. Using local net wallets will not only ensure that you incur less fees, but will also allow you to receive your money in a faster manner.

As the market moves towards an industry without minimum withdrawal amount, BinaryTilt has introduces one of the lowest withdrawal amounts in the industry, $50. This, coupled with the low bank processing fees ensures that traders have some funds in their accounts at any given time, unless they withdraw all their balance from the platform.

Is BinaryTilt a Regulated Broker?

When it comes to building the trust of their clients in their services, BinaryTilt has succeeded. In a bid to prove to their customers and potential binary options traders that they are a legitimate company, BinaryTilt decided to comply with regulation laws and standards in the country. This is to say that the broker is regulated by the relevant bodies in Australia. This compliance by the set laws and standards is a clear indicator that the company is a legitimate and trustworthy binary options trading platform. As time goes by and the number of scam binary options brokers increase, the majority of aspiring binary options traders are continually opting for regulated brokers. To them, regulation is a clear sign of legitimacy and quality services. While this may not always be the case, BinaryTilt is heavily regulated and has proven itself to be a reliable and convenient broker. As such, the broker is authorized to render binary options services in New Zealand.

The BinaryTilt is an online binary options trading platform for Scent Investments Limited, an investment company that is based in New Zealand. The fact that the broker is operated by a renowned company is also an indicator that it is transparent. The company has a physical address and you can easily trace them. This is another aspect that makes this broker reliable and trustworthy among its customers. The Scent Investments Limited is the company that files for the regulation of this binary options online broker. In this regard, BinaryTilt is currently authorized by the Register of Financial Services Providers in New Zealand. The registration number awarded to BinaryTilt binary options trading platform in this case is FSP329926. If you are in double that the broker may not be regulated, you may use this number to verify that BinaryTilt is indeed duly regulated in accordance with the preset laws and standard in the region.

The FSPR, which currently regulates the operations of this broker, is a government established authority in New Zealand. The role of this body is to oversee the operations of the financial institutions that they have registered. The fact that BinaryTilt is registered with this body confirms that the binary options platform complies with the preset standards as well as laws. Additionally, we have investigated the broker and found it to meet the 7binaryoptions preset standards for legitimate brokers. The FSPR used capital adequacy rules to monitor the broker frequently and ensure that it is solvent.

The other benefit that is associated with the regulation status of this company is the fact that client funds are held in segregated accounts. This is to say that the money in company accounts does not mix with the money in traders’ accounts. The money with traders’ accounts in binarytilt is held in ANZ Banking Group as well as in other Australian AA rated banks. This is a measure that ensures that the money is safe and secure and prevents the broker from interfering with clients’ funds on their platform.

To further guarantee high quality services, BinaryTilt became a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), an independent body that is tasked with the mandate to resolve conflicts between brokers and clients in the region. The FSCL is also approved by the Minister for Consume Affairs. This leaves BinaryTilt customers with an additional channel, through which they can voice their grievances with the broker in case of anything.

Demo Accounts at Binarytilt

In order to boost its relationship with the traders on their platform, this broker goes an extra mile to ensure that traders on this platform succeed and profit from their trading activities. It is for this same reason that the broker offers some of the best and realistic demo binary options trading accounts to their customers. Additionally, traders on this platform get to enjoy the numerous promotions and practical features while trading on this platform. All the traders using the BinaryTilt online binary options trading platform, including the beginners and the experienced traders, are treated the same way. This is to say that all the traders on this platform have access to the same trading features, tools and promotions. Being a regulated platform, you can rest assured that the company will deliver precisely what it promised to deliver. This also applies for the Demo accounts offered by this broker.

The demo accounts offered by BinaryTilt are some of the most advanced and realistic virtual trading platforms you will ever encounter in the industry. Currently, only a few of the well renowned and legitimate binary options brokers offer demo accounts to their current and potential customers. However, demo accounts are an important feature, with regards to helping traders advance their binary options trading skills and lean new trading strategies. Additionally, BinaryTilt demo accounts will help you get a better understanding of how the real trading platform at BinaryTilt functions because they have similar features and tools. A demo account is important, if traders are to continually make profits while trading on any given binary options platform. With a BinaryTilt demo account, you will be using virtual funds to open and close positions. This will in turn boost your confidence in trading options and learn how to place trades without having to risk your money.

The demo accounts at BinaryTilt are specifically designed to simulate trading on a real account. This is important in that trades get to learn and experience the real binary options trading environment first hand. So long as you can profit while using the demo account on this platform, you can rest assured that operating a real traders’ account will not be anything different. The experience you gain while using the demo account is essential when it comes to prediction the price movements of the various assets on the real trading account. The BinaryTilt demo accounts have all the features, assets and tools as the real binary options trading platform, only that the funds in the Demo accounts are virtual. As such, the data your will get while using the virtual account is real and up to date. This is important when it comes to preparing traders for real binary options accounts.


Broker Name: BinaryTilt
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2020
Bonus: 100%
Return/Refund: 70-85%/0-3%
No. Of Assets: 59
Regulated: No
Demo Account: Yes
Minimum Deposit: 250
US Traders: Not Accepted

BinaryTilt Review

BinaryTilt is an unregulated broker owned and operated by Chemmi Holdings Limited located on address 47 Churchfield Road, London, England, W3 6AY – Company number: 9870892. Business Address: 2nd Floor, 1-2 Broadgate, London, Greater London, EC2M 2QS, United Kingdom. Support can be reached via email at; [email protected] Chemmi Holdings appears to own several other Binary Options domains as well; and

Is BinaryTilt a Scam?

The company is not regulated, they and are often warned or hunted by the authorities, an example from one such case was from ASIC in Australia that announced that BinaryTilt “could be involved in a scam”.

Another worrying fact is that the traffic is significantly lower than before, probably due to the crackdown on BinaryTilt by regulators. You should also note that the number of very serious complaints against this company has increased lately and are mostly about withdrawals being impossible or scam account managers! This could also be a second reason for the drop in their traffic and it also strengthens the fact that you may want to avoid them.

Editor’s Note – Why Does BinaryTilt Suck in 50 Words

Well, the website took ages to load and it isn’t quite as flashy as some other top brokers. Maybe it’s just an overload, but I’ve tried a couple of times and the speed was bad. Also, they aren’t yet regulated and don’t seem to care about regulations at all. Update 2020: Seems they went from one extreme to another. Now, the background is a fast moving graphics that gives me a headache so I tried scrolling down but on each part there is something that pops out from left or right or some graphics, damn I’m lucky I didn’t have a seizure!

Why Doesn’t BinaryTilt Suck in 50 Words is not a new broker that has been on our radar since 2020. The company was started in 2020 as a New Zealand based binary options broker but has since moved in order to comply with EU regulations. They are operated by a holding company in London and used to operate under the guidelines of CySEC even without official sanction. This does not mean that they obey CySec’s rules. On the contrary, they’re still offering bonuses which are banned by CySec, and there are other signs indicating that they are actively working to evade regulations. For example, the recent change of their address and new incoming regulatory warnings.

Should I Open an Account With BinaryTilt?

Regarding the platform I found it to be quite good. They have all the standard trading styles including high/low, range, one touch and On Demand. They also have the newer Ladder Options, CFD/Forex trading a new feature that allows for binary limit orders. The high/low, range and one touch all come with intraday and end of day expirations while the On Demand options are where you will find the short term 60 second, 5 minute, 10 minute and 30 minute options. The long term options have end of day, end of week, end of month and on out for several months, great for long term and swing traders.

These can all be traded with a fairly decent asset list. They have 26 forex pairs, covering all the major crosses. There are 33 stocks as well, mostly US and EU based companies. They also have 3 commodities and 11 indices. Commodities included gold, silver and oil while indices are primarily US and EU with a few Middle Eastern and Asian as well. Range and one touch options are a little different from other brokers. Each is available to trade when markets are open and are based on a range. If you are trading one touch, a range will be projected on either side of asset price so you can buy in at any time prior to the options expiry all that is required is for the asset price to touch the range once before expiry.

Banking with this broker is easy and well explained. They accept the usual credit cards and wire transfers but also include Skrill, not to mention ChinaUnionPay for those traders based in China. Withdrawals can be made through Skrill, Credit Card and Bankwire. The only limitations are that you use the same account to deposit and withdraw funds. Minimum deposit is $250, minimum withdrawal $50. Usually, using Skrill or similar e-Wallets means quicker withdrawals but according to BinaryTilt, all withdrawals may take 7-10 days whichever method you should choose for the process – which is a downside.

Something important to note here is that if you deposit and change your mind and want to withdraw, you will have to pay a fee of 50 Euros unless you take some trades first. There is also an annual dormant account fee of 25USD. Your account is considered dormant after 6 months of inactivity.

Moreover, their bonus terms and conditions have changed and they are not beneficial to traders such not being able to withdraw when accepting a bonus and that the terms can change at any time. In conclusion, since they are not regulated and since most comments found online are about difficulty to withdraw, we would suggest you pick a recommended broker instead of BinaryTilt.

BinaryTilt Complaints

To be honest, in the beginning, I couldn’t find too many complaints about the broker, and nothing registered officially but this has changed over the years. There are some complaints about the nature of New Zealand regulation but of course, they have given up on that themselves. Today, it’s different when it comes to complaints on this firm! There are more complaints regarding withdrawals and also regarding bad support. Overall, it seems that once trading goes well and come withdrawal time, you have to deal with very pushy account managers that don’t process your withdrawals. As we mentioned earlier above, Chemmi Holdings also owns additional Binary Options websites and domains that are not regulated. These sites; MaxCFD and are not regulated and look like copies of BinaryTilt with a new name and slightly different design. All of the three websites owned by Chemmi Holdings are accused of being scams. The complainers tell a similar story about their experiences with either of the firms: not being able to withdraw funds, aggressive phone sales and support that can’t be reached and scam bonus schemes. In conclusion, you may never be able to get your money back if you invest with BinaryTilt or any other firm owned by Chemmi Holdings.

BinaryTilt Regulatory Announcements and Warnings

06.07.2020: Australia’s ASIC warns unregulated BinaryTilt. The company has decided to co-operate with ASIC and take steps to ensure they are no longer providing financial services in Australia. Source:

22.01.2020: Canada’s OSC warns about BinaryTilt and their owner Depix Holdings ltd for offering services in Ontario without license. Source: .

05.01.2020: Japan’s JFSA warns against Chemmi Holdings/BinaryTilt. Source:

27.04.2020: BSBC warns against BinaryTilt and Chemmi Holdings Ltd. Source:

15.05.2020: BinaryTilt appears on the Consob’s list of warnings. Source:

06.06.2020: ASIC warns against Chemmi Holdings Ltd (owners of BinaryTilt) saying “this company could be involved in a scam”. Source:

BinaryTilt Bonus

The broker offers a number of bonuses for new and recurring members. The most commonly offered is the 100% first-time deposit bonus but there are others. The first time deposit bonus does not have a minimum other than the standard minimum deposit of $250. It will take a larger deposit to unlock risk free trades and other promotions; you get 2 for $1000 deposit, 3 for $5000 deposit and 4 for deposits over $10,000. These work by refunding your account, with bonus money, any losses incurred by your first four trades. Bonus terms for withdrawal are 40X trade volume on bonus amount only. You can withdraw your deposit money at any time but if you have not met the bonus terms then you will forfeit the bonus and all profits and any losses will be subtracted from your deposit balance. Once a bonus is accepted, you may not be able to withdraw any funds and the terms and conditions for the bonuses may change at any time.

BinaryTilt Withdrawal

Withdrawals are available via three methods: Credit card, Wire transfer or Skrill and regardless of which method, it may take 7 to 10 business day to be processed which is longer than most other brokers who usually promise 3-5 business days or instant up to 24 hours for Skrill withdrawals.

All you have to do is verify your accounts as you would for any broker. Minimum withdrawal is $50 and comes with no fee once per month, after that 30USD per withdrawal. Wires and CC withdrawals may have a charge from your bank or processor. Warning: any withdrawal request prior to making any trades on your account will be subjected to a 50 EUR fee!

Trading Bitcoin With BinaryTilt

The SpotOption platform supports a lot of cryptocurrencies, and BinaryTilt takes full advantage of this, offering a bunch of tradable coins. Up/Down Binary Options are available for Bitcoin and Litecoin only, with very high payouts of 62% (yes, this is considered high for cryptos because they are very volatile).

However, things change when it comes to FX/CFD trading, as BinaryTilt offers more than 50 cryptos and crypto pairs. Users will find Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and others, but also pairs like BTC vs EUR, BTC vs ETH, BTC vs LTC, etc. (the list is very long so I am not gonna drop it all here). The available leverage is very high for cryptos, starting at 50:1 and going up to 300:1. This is very good but be careful that leverage increases potential rewards and more importantly, it increases the risk.

BinaryTilt Ratings

User Friendly 17/20

The platform itself is a common SpotOption platform which is nothing special in today’s industry comparing to the unique platforms that brokers use as of lately. The first page of the website is a bit too flashy which is annoying and slows down the loading but overall it’s pretty well-organized and you can find every info you need. Another downside, the website is only in English.

No of Assets And Expiry Times 16/20

Total of 59 assets including 26 Forex Pairs, 33 stocks. There were no commodities or indices listed under their “Asset Index”. They have good expiry for day traders and longer traders like myself. There are multiple daily expiries as well as 60 second, 5 minute, 10 minute and 30 minute from purchase. Longer term expiry goes out for 6 months or more in some cases. These are more than good for the day traders, ample even. Some expiries are not available for minor assets.

Commissions Support and Effective Return 17/20

This broker, like all binary brokers, does not charge any fees or commissions for trading. Support was OK, my chat was interrupted a few times, but overall I was OK with the support. Return on investment ranges from 70-85% depending on asset, trade type and expiry, very good actually. Most high/low options pay 70-80% with range and one touch going up to 100%. Larger account sizes can qualify for additional payouts (up to 3% more), risk-free trades and end of month cash back rebates.

Deposit, Payment And Bonus 14/20

Minimum deposit is $250 and minimum withdrawal is only $50. Withdrawals fees are only $30 or equivalent. Notice that; any withdrawal request prior to making any trades on your account will be subjected to a 50 EUR fee! You can withdraw via Skrill, Credit Card and Wire Transfer. Bonuses are offered, including 4 risk-free trades, and come with a 40X volume minimum for the bonus amount only. Your money is locked after accepting a bonus and the bonus terms may change at any time.

Website Extra’s 13/20

There is the “Advanced charts” feature which comes with many indicators and technical tools.

BinaryTilt Overall Ratings = 77/100

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