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Swarm Intelligence Review – Don’t Risk Money! My Experience!

Are you looking for unbiased Swarm Intelligence review? Then read this review carefully as I am going to share my experience and my opinion about Swarm Intelligence software. I know it’s very hard to trust any binary options robot currently as most of the them are a scam. So if you are looking for a legitimate binary options auto trader which can really make you money, then it’s time to rejoice because finally there is a binary options auto-trader which you can trust. But what makes Swarm Intelligence app legitimate? Well, read this Swarm Intelligence review till the end to know more about this software.

This robot is based on a unique algorithm of “Swarm Intelligence”. Swarm Intelligence algorithm is used in the large trading firms to generate winning trades. Dr. Steven Francis is the guy behind this robot. He has done Ph.D. in Animal Behaviour and he has spent most of his time in studying the behavior of animals. He has used Swarm Intelligence as a primary algorithm to generate winning signals.

Official Website – Click here!

What Is Swarm Technology?

The Swarm Technology/Swarm Intelligence is a semi-automated binary options trading robot. Unlike most of the other auto traders, Swarm Technology does not make any exaggerated claims of millions of $s. Moreover, Swarm Intelligence app will not generate hundreds of signals daily like most of the other auto traders, instead of this, it will only generate few high-quality signals. Dr. Steven Francis is the CEO of Code Fibo system. He has made this system along with his friend Mr. Thomas Porter, who is a retired IBM scientist and is also an experienced programmer. They both decided to mix up their expertise and created a unique trading system called Swarm Tech.

We have personally tested Swarm Intelligence app before writing this review, and our results were pretty impressive. This software is full of unique features, and we are going to discuss all of them one by one in this Swarm Intelligence app review.

Swarm Intelligence Review – Scam Free Software!

Based on Swarm Intelligence Algorithm

The name of this robot explains all about this system. They have connected 10 computers to a giant super-computer which are using different strategies like Fibonacci, support and resistance and candle stick patterns. Dr. Steven believes that to be a successful binary options trader, we must use many strategies to generate winning trades. With Swarm Tech software, they have used 10 different strategies which are then sent to their supercomputer for a swarm analysis. In this way, this binary options robot only selects those trades which are offered by at least 9 of those computers. Currently, it’s the only auto trader which is using this concept. You can read more about Swarm Intelligence at Wikipedia too.

Swarm Intelligence has an ITM Rate of 83%

Unlike most of other robots, Swarm Intelligence is not claiming to have a 100% ITM Rate. Moreover, they have explained in depth that their software can generate 83% ITM Rate by integration of Swarm Intelligence. Mr. Steven believes that if one decision is taken my multiple persons at the same time, then they can fill each other gaps and can yield best results. By using this concept, he has connected 10 computers (which are based on totally different strategies) to a giant computer to yield best quality signals. I recommend all traders to start trading with Swarm Level 9 only to achieve this figure.

Swarm Intelligence Can Make $1500 Per Week

Unlike most of the scam robots, they are not claiming to make millions of dollars for you. They are assuring you a reasonable profit of just 1000$ per week. Though, the amount of can varies with your trading settings like Swarm Level, Minimum Trading Amount. We have also tried Swarm Intelligence system personally, and during our testing, we were getting an average ITM rate of over 84%. Just after one-week usage, our balance increased from $250 to $2230 which is way higher than they are claiming.

Note that that the amount which you’re going to earn using Swarm Intelligence software depends on initial deposit amount. We recommend you to start with the lowest initial deposit of just 250$. Once you start making money from it, you can deposit more as per your budget’s allowance.

Supports Both Manual & Auto Trading

Swarm Intelligence supports both manual and auto trading. You can easily switch from manual to automated trading with just one click. All traders who don’t have prior knowledge about trading can use it’s auto trading feature. Still, I recommend all of the readers to give the semi-automated trading feature a try as it can yield better ITM Rate.

Software is Absolutely Free

To expand their platform, they are providing free lifetime copies to limited people. According to our experience, this system will not remain free for much time. So, we recommend all of our readers to join this system ASAP and secure a lifetime spot in this trading system. To join this system, all you need to do is to fund broker’s account with $250.

User-Friendly & Easy To Use

Swarm Intelligence is a semi-automated robot. It is very easy to use and provides a variety of options to traders like:

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Swarm Level (0-10) – Swarm Level indicates the level of agreement amongst the swarm computers before trades are placed. For example – If you keep Swarm Level to 9 then only those trades will be placed that are offered by 9 computers. It will also affect the quantity of signals. You can increase the number of signals by reducing Swarm Level.

Trade Volume ($25 – $500)- You can increase per-trade amount via this setting. You can increase your daily profits by increasing trade volume.

Money Management Calculator – It is one of the unique features of Swarm Intelligence software. It can assist you in choosing an optimal trading amount by entering some details like your account balance, Broker In-The-Money, Broker Out-Of-The-Money.

Feel free to join this system, if you don’t have any knowledge about binary options trading. Just enable auto trading feature of Swarmintelligence software & start making profits.

Is Swarm Intelligence A Scam?

There is not a single reason of Swarm Intelligence being a scam. Both Dr. Steven Francis & Mr. Thomas Porter are real persons with their expertise in respective fields. I have personally tested it for a week before writing this review, and I can assure you that it’s one of the best robots I’ve ever used. In the pitch video of Swarm Intelligence, you will not find big cars, mansions or massive bank balance. Instead of all these things, all you will find is algorithm behind this app and why this app can generate consistent profits for you.

How to Join Swarm Intelligence?

Update: Swarm Intelligence software seems to be scam. Many users are reporting negative results with this app. I recommend all of you to avoid this system for now. Instead of using this app, you can join SnapCash Binary app. Many of our readers are using this robot with an average winning rate of over 85%.

Join SnapCash Binary Now!

You can start using Swarm Intelligence software by depositing $250 into broker’s account. This initial deposit of $250 will be used for placing trades and you can withdraw it anytime.

  1. Visit official website of Swarm Intelligence first –
  2. Fill your Name & E-Mail address in the form which is present on right side of page.
  3. Click on Free Access Here.
  4. On next page, Enter more details like Last Name, Mobile Number, and Password.
  5. Click on Register Now button.
  6. Swarm Intelligence will assign a broker to you (based on your geographical location).
  7. Deposit $250 into broker’s account.
  8. Start trading.

Click Below To Join!


1) Is Swarm Intelligence app available in my country?

Ans. If you are able to fund broker’s account then you are good to go.

2) How many trades I can expect in a day?

Ans. Number of daily trades depends upon various settings like Swarm Level.

3) Is there any need to download SwarmIntelligence app?

Ans. No. There is nothing to download & install in your computer. This app is based on Cloud Computing.

4) Can I use Swarm Intelligence on XYZ device?

Ans. Yes. This app can be used on any device with a web browser.

Final Words:

So it was all about Swarm Intelligence review. We didn’t find any reason to call Swarm Intelligence a scam. You will not find any fake testimonial in the video who claim to make thousands of dollars in a day. If you are looking for a genuine auto trading robot to make consistent profits, then Swarm Intelligence software is for you. Moreover it’s best time to join this system as they are providing free license of their software to limited people. So what do you think about Swarm Intelligence app? Share your opinion about this binary options robot in the comments section below.

Binary Options Review: Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence is a new binary options trading software developed by Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter. The software is built to win 83% of its trades and make traders millionaires in a single year.

As is always the case, this page will act as a review and area for the binary options community to analyze and discuss the merits of this investment opportunity.

Swarm Intelligence Review

It’s quite clear that the Swarm Intelligence product is backed by a very large network of affiliate websites. Just moments after the product was released to the market there were already 15 positive reviews. This seems incredibly disingenuous because a product that hasn’t been around long enough to be tested really shouldn’t be getting the glowing recommendations that it is. With that being said, it’s important to recognize the source of the message so be careful when dealing with these positive reviews.

YouTube Video Review

Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter

The developers of this software don’t actually exist. While you can see 2 men in the video, it’s likely that they are actors playing their role in the Swarm Intelligence plot.

According to the story Dr. Steven Francis is a PhD who has done extensive research in the field of animal behavior. Yet, in doing a handful of Google searches as well as taking a look into Google scholar it’s very clear that this man doesn’t exist. The only trace of Steven comes from the same 15 positive reviews mentioned above. This is obviously deceptive and damages the credibility of anyone involved in this product launch including the network of affiliate websites.

Company History

The sales page is filled with falsities and discrepancies. In the sales video the developers inform the market that the software was finished in early 2020 and that it’s been tested with a small group of people for a few months. However, a quick domain WHOIS record shows that the domain name was registered just over a week ago. It’s possible that the small group of traders were trading the software before purchasing the domain but that’s highly unlikely considering how professional they’re trying to make this seem.

Trading Results

Underneath the video on the sales page there is a chart that shifts between 3 different images. The issue with this chart is that all 3 images show profitable earnings during the weekend. As you likely know, binary options can’t be traded on the weekend. This makes it seem like the people behind this software don’t have a clue about binary options trading and how it even works.


The Swarm Intelligence trading system is not ready for the public. While there are a handful of positive reviews online, it’s very clear that these can’t be trusted. They are obviously associated with the developers of the system. There are way too many discrepancies and marketing ploys in this sales page that need to be resolved before the product can be determined fit for use.

In the meantime, take a look at what’s working for the Binary Today readers by perusing John Kane’s personal Income Reports. The November edition will be arriving shortly so keep your eyes pealed.

5* Swarm Intelligence Review – Best Trading Software, No Scam!

February 1, 2020 By Shane

The next generation software is finally here! Yes, you heard it right, the newly launched Swarm Intelligence is a new software that comes with a good treat those who wants to earn real money betting on online. Let me clear you one thing before I elaborate you more about this software, Swarm Intelligence software is the most accurate trade signal analyzer in for binary options trading. The software is like oxygen to them those who scammed by many fraud software or those who wished to make real money in binary options.

So, this is here and I have come with Swarn intelligence review. Yeah! this is important for trade in this software and I’ll let you know how good is this software. Now, let’s know about this software and get some clear image of Swarm Intelligence.

Swarn Intelligence Review : High-Tech Generates High Profits!

This new software comes with a highly filtered signal that is going to profit almost all traders. Yes, this is what the owner of Swarm Intelligence said in his video testimonial.

Dr. Steven Francis is the owner of this software and he shows many hopes to the binary options traders. He did PhD. in animal behavior and he really does know how powerful and useful is swarm technique. Pointing the same technique in this software he has developed Swarn Intelligence Software with the help software developer and co-owner of Swarn Intelligence namely Thomas Porter.

In their video testimonial, impressively they’ve explained an important thing which is real success rate. They actually have the cool idea to come with this software, this software runs with three major analyzers to give the best winning signal and 100% accurate or risk-free. Pretty awesome right? These three pillars are mechanical, Technical, and Fundamental; and this helps in finding the best signal for your deal. In this way, you get the best deal to become a successful trader of in online trading.

Reasons to Join in Swarm Intelligence – Everything you need to know

So, money making in online trading is not that big deal for now. Let, the Swarm Intelligence to show it’s intelligence, save you time and make the perfect trade like a charm. If you were in the inline trading world you might know how crucial is an automated trading software for new traders and for busy traders.

Yeah, there are a ton of trading software but those are more than trash. New traders are frequently involving in scam software and losing their hard earn money a lot. Binary Options trading is a sensitive platform for the new traders, who wants earn money without know strategies. Although, there are like almost every trading system is the scam and this is real hard to find a real trading software to reach the goal of trading. Even if you find a genuine trading software that can give you 80%-85% winning rate. So, why not you choose Swarm Intelligence software which is real with zero trading risk and also come with the same price tag to start your trading.

I know, this is a good reason to have this software in your online deal but let me show you some more good reasons of this software. Definitely, you will get excited to have this software. Here are the reasons to get this real software for your trading.

Presented by Experienced Authors: I must say, you can’t just get into an automated software of binary options trading. I have already told you scammers are like money hunger in this platform. But this time, Dr. Steven Francis and his partner Mr. Thomas Porter doesn’t come on the scammer list, as they are quite transparent as per their given identity. They are trustable enough and have served their experience on Swarm Intelligence software. Thus, they have successfully done with their software to call it best binary options trading software.

Most Profitable Software: Swarm Intelligence is very accurate while giving the best result of trading. This comes swarm concept that Steven and Thomas have explained in their testimonial video. Systematic computing analyzes the special signal and a centered giant computing machine calculates the most accurate trading signal for you. Yeah, this make trading with this software is risk-free but profitable. This is the most profitable trading software that you can get in the binary options trading market and this is very obvious Swarm Intelligence Trading can give a steady profit on this platform.

Free Access: Yes, you saw it right; the Swarm Intelligence Trading software is free to get and you can start trading instantly with your trading account. So what’s more while you getting genuine with the best accurate signal analyzer? Here is a good chance to own this software for your trading.

Hassle-Free Use: Don’t worry, if you are new in the trading field. You can grab this software which 100% reliable in the market. The software is very easy to use indeed even if you are a new trader or first-time user of this software then would not feel any problem using this software.

How to join in Swarm Intelligence Trading?

Don’t just missed out this chance, as it is very rare to get a real trading software. Although, this is one of the best performers to give you the best result in trading. Now you are might be excited to get this software for your binary options trading.

Now, if you are thinking to join Swarm Intelligence Trading then you have to go through the official website:

On the below right landing page you’ll find a register dialog, give you name and email address to join Swarn Intelligence Trading. That’s all.

Final Words : Swarm Intelligence is The Most Accurate Signal Analyzer!! (signup Below)

>>>Click Above & Create Account with Swarm Intelligence for Free ( Few Spots Left!!)

Yes, they have made it right for the people of binary options traders. Adding some hope and steady earning Swarm Intelligence is a good software that I have been reviewed till date. If you are thinking to trade in binary options trading then this software is a definitely for you. And I know you’ll make a good success with this.

Swarm Intelligence Review: Legit Software

by Gary Wilson December 7, 2020, 5:34 AM 62 Views

Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence is one of the most effective binary options trading software in the binary options industry. In fact, this is the most trending product in the recent market which buzzed the traders. This is an in-depth review on Swarm Intelligence software. Here I will be discussing my thoughts about this software with the information of Swarm Intelligence pros and cons, is Swarm Intelligence a scam, How Swarm Intelligence trading system or robot works, Swarm Intelligence Sign up and Swarm Intelligence login from the official website. Whether you should trade with Swarm Intelligence or it is just like other beautiful scams… and so forth.

Okay, here I start today’s review:

Product Description

Software Name Swarm Intelligence
Product Niche Binary Options
Minimum Deposit Amount $250
Winning Rate 86% (Average in a Week)
Signup Cost FREE
Product Type Binary Options Automated Trading Robot or Software
CEO Dr. Steven Francis
Trading System Both Automated & Manual Are Available
Brokers Reliable and Leading Brokers
Countries Allowed All Countries are Allowed
Trusted Trading System 100% Trusted Trading System
Skill Need for Operating Beginner or New Trader

Let’s explore the main part now:

As the technology advances the way of earning money surely becomes a lot easier. It is the internet which makes everything so simple and easy to do. You have certainly heard about binary options trading, didn’t you? If not, then let me tell you what it is! It is a magnificent way of earning money just by sitting at home and investing a very little amount of finance. It is a form of trading where the traders mostly bet on the fluctuation of the rise and the fall of the products of the binary options market, stock exchange market is hugely related to this one and is a lot similar.

Swarm intelligence is a very legit software which will be guiding you to proceed further in a very gradual manner. It is totally automated and will be reducing your tension about trading and also will minimize the effort. Obviously, you will need a little bit of quality to become a binary trader even after having a software like Swarm Intelligence but this software will help you relatively and as a result, you will be finding the way to shine. Binary Products are a huge help for trading.

Dr. Steven Francis is the one who is the owner of this magnificent software. Swarm Intelligence is definitely one of his most successful works. It is the software which had taken Dr. Steven Francis to such a pleasant place. He has helped a ton of people by making this software as it is totally free and anyone can start using this software just by signing up. There are many other products out there in the market but this product is one of the best among all of the products. Dr. Steven Francis’ product is obviously one of the fastest growing products .
Lately, some people have been telling that this software is a scam which had made many people fall into the trap. Well, no this software is not a scam. From my personal experience, I would be saying that it is a fantastic product which has helped me a lot in my dark days. There are some other products in the market which are a scam but Swarm Intelligence? NO! It is definitely not a scam. You should obviously stay away from the products which are scams. So, you can ask some other people about the products which are scams and the products which are not.

In this Swarm Intelligence binary review, you will learn what makes this software a trusted trading software which is able to compete with WikiTrader trading software . This Swarm Intelligence robot is developed by Dr.Steven Francis. It runs on fully autopilot and it’s winning ratio too good which is nearly 86%.

Why Swarm Intelligence?

Among all these binary options products why should you go for Swarm Intelligence? The answer is very simple. This product has got so many advantages which will be blowing your mind. First of all, it is a software which is totally automated, well, there are many products out there which are controlled manually but this product allows you to have the advantage. Second of all, it is a free software, you are not spending a buck before signing up, this proves how legit this software is and that it is not a scam.

There are some other advantages too and they are:

Swarm Intelligence Pros

  1. The 24 hours Customer Care: They are always there to help you with their assist. Anytime you face any problem or go through any technical issues you can just call them and they will be there with their assisting voice helping you with their best. The 24-hour customer care this company has is really fascinating because their people always make everything a lot easier than you can even imagine. On the other hand, they are also available in the nontrading days which is dynamically fantastic and it shows how sincere they are.
  2. Manual and Automatic Both: You can use this one manually and automatically both. Most of the products of the market do not have both of these qualities together whereas this software provides you to go with both of the ways. Sometimes, using the automatic way might distract and make trouble, although, they don’t most of the times but sometimes if it does you might be a problem, but no worries when you are having this software you can just go manual and use it on that way. This is a huge help for the ones who trades regularly.
  3. The Simple Interface it has: Being simple is a magnificent quality. Its simplicity is one of the things which make the software a lot more adaptable than it is. On the other hand, the moment you open the software you get to understand how easy this software is to use. A person with a minimum IT skill can use this software. This simple interface it has obviously come with a dynamic design.

However, Swarm Intelligence is obviously a splendid software for you to go for because of all its advantages and assists it will be helping you with.

The only thing you should know before starting to use this software is:

Swarm Intelligence Cons

  1. Internet Connection Required: You obviously need the internet. I mean come on, I have mentioned before that it is an online based trade. After all, in this modern world where technology advances every day, you surely need the internet over here to be updated. How are you expecting to be updated with the market trades without the internet connection? It is just impossible for any software to assist you with your works without the internet because to connect with the binary options product market you obviously need the internet.

What to do Before Starting?

Conclusion: Read and Take Action

Binary options trading is obviously the best decision you could make because it is a source where you need the prediction skill only. No other requirements needed except for a minimum IT skill which can be taught in a few days. If you are thinking of relying on a binary options product, then you should definitely figure out the scams and more there are in the market. I would suggest you go with Swarm Intelligence because it is really a wonderful software which can actually help you wonderfully with all your trades.

Swarm Intelligence Review – SCAM Investigated by Traders!

Is Swarm Intelligence a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Swarm Intelligence Trading Software by Dr. Steven Francis a great trading software or just another fraud? Well, that’s the question we’re about to answer shortly in this Review. Our first impression on this offer is unlike many fraudulent trading apps out there which promote by fake claims and illogical methods. In fact, Swarm Intelligence Software definitely comes off as a genuine and rational with their presentation. There aren’t crazy millionaire fraud lies which we typically see in phony software in our blacklist too. Instead, Swarm Intelligence is a legit study/research that has already been used in making trading algorithm!

Official Registration Page:

What is Swarm Intelligence? It’s basically a new-age Artificial Intelligence (AI) discipline or even nature concerning of self-organizing process in swarm system. In simpler terms, it simply means a study of how a swarm ( a group of individuals) interacts based on behavioral rules. Obviously, Dr. Steven has mentioned, like ants colonies, a herd of animals or group of fish are a perfect example of a swarm. The success key and importance are to reach a decision/action as a group or swarm! Recently, there was also a study of how Swarm Intelligence System could also be used in trading the stock markets. To be exact, Particle Swarm Optimization a sub-group of Swarm Intelligence is population based stochastic optimization technique can be applied to binary options trading algorithm!

IMPORTANT UPDATE! 10th December 2020

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! ��

Dear readers, Swarm Intelligence App is no longer taking in anymore new registration as of 9th December 2020 onward. Should you have registered and have not deposited, please DO NOT deposit as it will not activate your account! On the other hands, successful users that has activated the Software, may continue using Swarm Intelligence for FREE..

It’s rather saddening that this offer is no longer available to other traders. Nevertheless CodeFibo Software is still performing and our recommended manual trading signal software! It performs as well as Swarm Intelligence Software and still generating profits!

Latest Test Results (4th December 2020)

Swarm Intelligence Software (SI Software) Review Summary

  • False or Illogical Trading Concept: No
  • Typical Spot Counters: No
  • Paid Actors: No
  • Unrealistic Profit Claims: No
  • Trading Methods: Genuine and Legit
  • Any Price: FREE (Requires an opening of trading account)
  • Performance: Good
  • Minimum Trade Size & Deposit: $25 per trade & $250 Minimum deposit

Is Swarm Intelligence Trading System a SCAM?

As we said earlier, the outlook from Swarm Intelligence is very respectable because there aren’t any scam elements. Very often observe hoax that tends to promotes their poor performing system by selling an impossible profits target. Especially claiming of making millions within a short period of time even with a minimum deposit. In contrast, Thomas Peter, the Co-Owner of SI Software, does advise traders on money management and transparent about a number of trades too. He shared the advice of using 5% of funds per trade as a proper money management technique.

That is absolutely true because risking too much would simply mean you’re gambling everything on one particular trade. Our experience also taught us that having good money management does ensure long-term consistency as well. As such, their presentation video is very informative and helpful too even for newbie traders. Absolutely rare to see such kind gestures by SwarmIntelligence software developers to offer in-depth and good trading advice.

Additionally, there isn’t any obvious fake testimonials or meaningless counters often pushing viewers to sign-up. We’re glad to not see such annoying and meaningless tactics by scammers to sell their lousy products. So Swarm Intelligence Software does appear very honest and down to earth in terms of delivering their products without lies!

Can Swarm Intelligence Software Work?

Definitely! The working mechanism behind this trading software is very impressive, to be honest! It is also being studied extensively on traders to produce highly optimal trading performances by producing better algorithm. That is our most important part as algorithms dictates the trading signals and at the ends determines traders’ profitability. Recent studies in August 2020 done by University of Lueneburg also supports the concept of “crowd intelligence in the context of investment decisions. Particularly stocks. Well, that’s just one of many different researches done by academic institutions. Also indicating that SI Software’s algorithm comes from a very deeply studied field!

SI Software Trading Results!

Results & Performance is an essential part and also a segment which we as traders would be most interested in. Due to the legitimacy of their presentation, we decided to take Swarm Intelligence Software into a test run! AND we’re loving the trading software already because it actually DELIVERS! We executed 10 trades and it gives us an amazing 9 wins out of 10! Hands down, one of the best testing sessions we’ve had in a while for a trading app. Swarm Intelligence Software trading platform offers trade signals/recommendation with a good accuracy as shown in our test run.

The great thing about the signal recommendations is that it provides a Call/Put suggestion as well as the expiry time suggestion too. So all we did was to execute trades based on what was given by the software. Easy right? The expiry time is in between 15 minutes to the end of an hour which is another indication of a good system. As compared to many poor performing software that focuses on 60 seconds trade with very risky chances of success. Thus, another great pointer to add for SI Software.

** We will be continuing our SI Software Performance Result Test regularly! Do SUBSCRIBE to our BLOG to stay tuned for latest updates**

Swarm Intelligence Software Conclusion!

We’re guessing the above findings provides sufficient details that Swarm Intelligence is NOT a SCAM! This software has an authentic trading method by applying SI into their algorithm with proven success. Our trade results shall also speak for themselves along with no scam-like tactics found on their website. For that, it’s no surprise to actually see their particle swarm optimization to provide PROFITABLE results for traders.

What Should I Do Next?

Click the Swarm Intelligence banner and fill up the registration form on the web page. There will be a second page which requires additional information such as your contact number and password. Please take note of the password because you will be needing it for Swarm Intelligence Login Page at Also please use your official name because it is necessary for your account verification as well as bank transfer during withdrawals

If there is an error message popping up after you submit your details, it is probably an invalid phone number or invalid email address. Should you need assistance, please email us at [email protected]

Do note that it is a necessary process for binary options brokers to ask for personal documents such as bank statements, credit card photo and personal identification. This is an obligation all brokers has to go through in compliance to their respective regulatory board. Additionally, it is also to ensure that you will have no problem withdrawing your funds in the future too. P/S: Pictures of your credit card needs to hide the first 12 numbers, and only showing the last 4 digits only. So please delete the necessary digits before submitting to the broker.

This should conclude our Swarm Intelligence Review! Remember! Please feel free to contact us if there is any question and we’ll be glad to help! Also, if you are new to binary options, Sign Up for a FREE Demo Account Here! Newbies can have some hands on experience to what is binary options before you even use Swarm Intelligence. Alternatively, if you think $25 per trade is a little too much to risk, you could always use Swarm Intelligence Software for its signal with another broker. You may execute trades on IQ Options which has a minimum $1 per trade!

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

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