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Ayrex Review


Reason to avoid: No License

Listed Date: November 7, 2020

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Beware Ayrex is a Non-Licensed Broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. Ayrex.

  • Registration Address/ License:

St. Kitts and Nevis. No License, No Regulation.

Ayrex is a trading name used by the Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd company, with its alleged as declared offices in St. Kitts and Nevis. The company states their trusted trading environments with over 230k traders that choose Ayrex, along with the numerous recognitions and awards received from the reputable agencies stating their “Best Platform” and “Best offering”.

However, as the company located in the jurisdiction which does not implement any regulation of the financial investment firm that simply means the company can say and promise many things while there is no any guarantee to receive the promises. Generally, binary trading is the paramount risk investment, which is also restricted in many countries, thus it is at highest importance to choose a reliable broker to trade with.

Moreover, the world industry authorities detected that Ayrex targeting and engaging with the clients’ residents of particular countries and actually, it requires authorization to do so. So the company appeared in blacklists while the investors were warned in trading with the Ayrex.

“Having considered that Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd is not authorized to provide investment services to the Italian public, insofar as it is not registered on the register held by CONSOB, also carries out services that requires authorization. Hereby resolves to order the cessation of the Art. infringement consisting of the provision of investment services and activities to the public.”

In conclusion, of course, we do not advise trading with Ayrex, avoid their offering and to choose companies that implement necessary protecting standards according to the regulations that iincludeFCA regulated brokers, CySEC brokers or others.

Ayrex Review

When it comes to binary trading, many prefer the one-click method to quickly execute their current market plan. Ayrex’s trading platform allows you to do exactly that, with the ability to set expiry times for 5 minutes to 60 seconds. This online tool also allows traders to make trades by the clock with countdown tools that are available for each binary option.

Ayrex prides themselves on being the first binary broker with free contests that reward real cash prizes and automatic withdrawals. With so many features, many people wonder if it’s too good to be true.

Here, let’s breakdown what the company is exactly and whether they deliver everything they promise in this complete Ayrex trading platform review.

Table of Contents

Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
  • Binarium

    Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
    Perfect for beginners!
    Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

​Ayrex Ratings

Trading Platform



​Customer Service

​Asset Selection

​Deposits and Withdrawals

Company Overview

Ayrex was established back in 2020 and became a quick favorite among many binary traders. Since then, the platform has been constantly improving as a binary broker with considerations for requests and needs of traders.

Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. is the company that manages all trading activities at Ayrex. The company runs unregulated as it’s based in the Federation of Nevis and St. Kitts. The company offers unique mobile solutions for price action traders for high returns on investments.

Some of the specials that Ayrex offers include up to 90 percent payouts on returns, $25 minimum deposit, a deposit bonus of up to 30 percent, and a no deposit contest with a reward of $3600.

​Saint Kitts and Nevis

​None (pending with CySec)

​Deposits and Withdrawals:

​Neteller, Skrill, Credit Card, Fasapay, UnionPay

​Number of Assets:

​Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex

Ayrex Trading Platform

Ayrex developed its trading platform with short-term trades in mind in the design process. These short-term trades can be done in a mere 60 seconds. If that’s too short, you can have your trades completed in 5 minutes. The execution is super fast. Their one-click options allow you to purchase Call and Put options up to $3,000.

The investment options they offer range from different starting investments, with the minimum option being $5 and the maximum being $3,000. This means that if you open a position at $3,000 then you have to hold off on purchasing more binary options until the original expiry time.

The trading platform isn’t just a host for one-touch trading options. Users can use the one-touch option or opt for traditional High/Low stakes. When you choose to do High/Low, you set your price direction and choose your expiry. With One Touch, you’re given a target price.

Here’s a breakdown of the features of the trading platform:

Expiry Times

Expiration times on the platform come in both short-term and long-term options. For short-term, the expiries start at 30 seconds and go up to 5 minutes.

You can choose your expiry by the clock. When you do this, the tool will then automatically show you the time until the option is available. They also have binary options with exact 1-minute or 3-minute expiry available for purchase from the current market price.

For long-term options, you have the ability to place trades every 15 minutes up to an hour. Weekly and daily expiries are not available on the platform.


The trading platform has payout ratios that can be compared to the industry standard. Their average returns are typically between 80 to 83 percent. The best payout they have to offer is 90 percent on the major forex pairs at 15-minute expiry.

For forex pairs being traded on the short-term, the payout averages at 80 percent. Stock binary options payout at about the same percentage as short-term forex pairs. The lowest payouts on the trading platform are the crypto pairs.


When it comes to the assets that Ayrex has to offer, the list is actually quite long. You can choose between, stocks, commodities, crypto pairs, and forex pairs. Overall, there are more than 60 tradable assets on the Ayrex trading platform, and the list promises to keep growing.


The interface has made it easy for you to trade through the use of an area chart or candlesticks in time frames of 5 seconds to 5 minutes. You can view the price action on a big blue screen, which can help you with moving averages, support and resistance lines, and Bollinger bands.

Mobile App

Ayrex also has a mobile app available to traders that is available for all Android devices through Google Play. The uptime for the application is fairly fast. It’s also equipped with a number of technical indicators and drawing tools. Those who are more prone to price action trading will love this application’s technical capabilities.

When needed, you can draw the appropriate resistance and support levels on the charts and trade the breakouts.

Ayrex Demo Account

A big plus to the Ayrex platform is the demo account that you can try out. If you’re interested in a trading demo, you don’t even have to have a registered account at Ayrex. Simply click the “Try Demo” option and the platform will load its demo mode.

The demo account has $1,000 available and allows you to reload it at any time for an unlimited number of times. However, you will not have the full access to all of the platform’s assets like you do with a real account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To make purchases, you can connect your account to a MasterCard, VISA, e-wallet, or Bitcoin wallet. No matter which payment medium you choose, Ayrex completes your deposit transactions instantly so that you can enjoy trading right away.

If you use an e-wallet, such as Neteller or Skrill, then you’re eligible for automatic withdrawals on the platform. This means that you don’t have to wait for manual approval from Ayrex support before you get your money. If you don’t use one of these payment methods, you should expect your withdrawal request to be processed within 24 hours.

Ayrex does offer their clients a chance at a 30 percent bonus on their first deposit. To be eligible, you have to fulfill the bonus terms set up by the company before you can request a withdrawal on your bonus cash.

Customer Support

Another aspect of the company that many of its users praise is its customer support. If you have any questions or concerns, their customer support is available 24/5 on live chat. Simply shoot them your questions and they’ll respond within seconds.

Ayrex makes a point to be transparent with its traders. They advertise their policies clearly on their website. All of the terms and conditions they have are well-structured and presented in a clear manner to the user. Plus, they inform you of all of the risks associated with opening a real account up front.

​Pros and Cons

​An Ayrex review wouldn’t be complete without listing both the pros and the cons of this binary options broker. Below you will see the main advantages and disadvantages of using Ayrex.

Ayrex Review


Established in 2020 and based in St. Kitts and Nevis, the Ayrex trading platform is a proprietary platform as opposed to the white label versions used by many other brokers. Currently, the broker is not regulated; however, their representatives make assurances that they will be regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

With 90,000 traders already using the platform, Ayrex is doing well despite their lack of regulation. Their website is very transparent, and everything from trading to the bonuses offered is explained in detail, along with term and conditions. They offer a comprehensive customer support service and are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are also the only broker to offer an Islamic account for Muslims that follows Sharia law.

With a substantial education centre including an explanation of binary options trading, a how-to guide, a platform menu and glossary of terms, Ayrex is keen to offer you a good trading experience providing everything you need to trade successfully with a low deposit and low trading amounts. An account can be opened with as little as $5 which is excellent for those starting

In this review, you will learn:

    Why Ayrex is a popular choice for many traders What competitive features and perks they offer The types of accounts you can use to your advantage

Risk Warning: The products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

Ad Disclosure: Some of the links that you will find on this website are advertisements for which we do receive financial gain from referring new customers.

Account Types

You won’t find a menu of accounts that offer a whole of host of benefits which vary depending on how much you are willing to deposit as you will with most other brokers. There are no fancy menus of gold, silver, bronze, diamond, platinum, VIP etc. With Ayrex there is just one account which can be opened with as little as $5, with a minimum trade of just $1. This makes trading accessible for all and not just for those who are willing to risk a minimum of $250.

You decide how much you want to deposit. Anything below $100 does not attract a signup bonus however for those who deposit a minimum of $100 there is a deposit bonus of between 10-30%, it is up to the individual how much they deposit and how much deposit bonus they are awarded.

One thing that does set Ayrex apart is the fact that they are the first binary options broker to offer an Islamic account that is fully compliant with Sharia law. Muslim traders can trade without any hidden interest rates or other hidden fees or costs. Their custom “halal” platform, as they call it, is designed specifically for Muslim traders.

Trade Types And Payouts

Ayrex offers 3 different types of options to trade on, with 70 assets available. The number of tradable assets has recently increased to 70 from 35 with the addition of 35 assets in the summer of 2020.

High/Low Options

Also known as a Call/Put option the High/Low option is predicting whether the price of the asset will go higher or lower than the opening price. It is currently one of the most popular choices for many traders.

Short Term Options

The menu of Short Term options includes the shortest at 30 seconds with 1, 2, 3 and 5 minutes options also available. These have a much quicker turnaround and preferred by traders who like to do their trading in a short period or for those that are looking to make lots of money quickly.

To select the expiration time the trader clicks on the tabs above the Call and Put buttons. This is a speedy way for you to get an education in trading, but like anything where there are wins, there may also be losses. It is also great for trading on particular assets. If an asset is rising on strong market news, short term options are a great way to make successful trades while the going is good.

Touch/No Touch Options

This type of option requires the trader to predict whether or not the asset will touch the target price before the expiration time. The options available with this particular type of trade are Below, Touch Below, Touch and No Touch. Again this is great if there is a definite trend with a specific asset.

Each of the above options are available for early closure which means that if you decide you want to close the trade at any specific point, you click the close button and any profits are credited to your account.

Payouts that can be expected are a maximum of 85% with many payouts averaging between 70% and 80%.

With 90,000 traders already using the platform, Ayrex is doing things well.

Bonuses And Promotions

There aren’t a huge range of bonuses available. There are deposit bonuses of between 10% and 30%, but the only other bonus that we could find was a $30 no deposit bonus which can be traded and turned into a $200 bonus that is eligible for withdrawal.

In terms of other promotions, Ayrex offers something called a Binary Blast demo contest. Binary Blast is an ultra speed trading contest featuring eight traders. The competition takes place over an hour with the trader with the most significant balance at the end of the hour winning a cash prize. This contest happens 3 times a week with a $100 cash prize that the lucky winner can withdraw.

Mobile Trading

As well as having an app which is available to download on both iOS and Android, the Ayrex website is fully mobile responsive. Just enter the site and create an account then start trading. You don’t have to try and navigate your way around a complicated website that is crammed onto a mobile screen as the Ayrex mobile platform is both easy to read and easy to navigate.

This mobile trading platform is ideal for those who wish to trade on the move. As long as you have your mobile device to hand you can trade wherever you are. Should you need support, you can open up a chat box right there on your mobile screen. The trading platform on the mobile website means you may not want to download the app instead of preferring to trade on the site.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallets and other forms of online payment can all be used to deposit funds into an Ayrex account, and it only requires a minimum of $5 to open an account and start trading.

One of the pitfalls of trading can sometimes be the amount of time that a trader has to wait to receive their funds. At the point of requesting the withdrawal to the money finally being credited, it can often take 3-5 working days. They are proud to offer commission-free, automatic withdrawals which are instantly processed and validated using a two-step authentication process. While we were evaluating this broker, we had no withdrawal problems.

Special Features

Perhaps the unique feature of the Ayrex platform is the option to open an Islamic account for those who follow Sharia law. This account has its own “halal” trading platform which has been specifically designed and developed for Muslim traders.

There is also a demo account, available to all traders, which is open at weekends when the real markets are closed. You can use the platform to trade in the week and practise at the weekend.

Education is also something that Ayrex offer with content aimed at new traders on their “What you need to know before getting started” page. They also have other useful information and advice including a glossary, an economic calendar showing what is going on in the world and trading signals.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and they promise an immediate response to questions and queries. This is a valuable service to get right when trading can happen at such a fast pace in real time, and they don’t disappoint with emails being answered in minutes. For those who prefer the live chat option, you can open up a chat box and communicate with someone in real time.

They aren’t hiding away either as they have a Facebook and Twitter page with a Google Plus page to allow users to receive up to the minute news.

Here are the contact details for Ayrex:

    Email – [email protected] Phone – +44 20 3322 7337 Address – Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd Office 590, Suites 5 Horsfords Business Centre, Long Point Road, Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis


Ayrex has developed its platform with the trader in mind and also used the initiative to appeal to untapped markets or markets that haven’t been catered for by anyone else. In this case, it is with the offering of an Islamic account. They have bucked the trend by offering instant withdrawals, removing the frustration of having to wait for your money and they have focused on what the customer wants and needs.

Even though they are unregulated, they are thriving in this marketplace with a healthy client base and growing popularity. Their website is clear, concise and there is nothing “hidden”. Ayrex seems to be precisely what they say they are without pretending to be something they are not.

Risk Warning: The products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

Ad Disclosure: Some of the links that you will find on this website are advertisements for which we do receive financial gain from referring new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ayrex legit, will they scam me?

While established in 2020 they are yet to be regulated. Despite this, they are a popular broker with over 90,000 traders on their platform and growing web traffic.

Do they have a decent mobile or tablet app?

The platform is available both with a responsive mobile website and an app. The mobile site is designed for trading on the move, with the app offering notifications and not requiring the user to log in every time.

What bonus do they offer for new traders?

Ayrex offers the trader a deposit bonus of between 10% and 30% depending on how much you wish to deposit. Other than that there is a $30 bonus that can be turned into a withdrawable $200.

Can I start trading on a free demo account?

Ayrex does offer a demo account which is also available at the weekend. To get the demo account, you click the demo button, and you are ready to go with $1000 of virtual money.

What’s the minimum deposit and trade amount?

With $5 and minimum trades of a dollar, the inexperienced trader can use the demo account to practise before trading on the live platform without risking a substantial amount of money.

Shelly is proud of her current position as Head of Brand for a well-known organisation that owns several brokerages in the trading sector. She’s consulted for us since 2020 and readers can benefit from her insider knowledge of how brokers work.

Ayrex Broker Review 2020: Scam or Legit? Detailed Ayrex Platform Review!

Ayrex – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

Ayrex binary options broker was born to technophiles from St. Kitts and Nevis in 2020. It has been created with a use
of modern technology which made the platform ultra fast, thus has beneficial effect on trading.

1. General information about Ayrex

One of the fastest platforms ever created now operates with completely new design and allows traders to get direct quotes and place deals rapidly. Clients are pleased with instant automatic withdrawals to their e-wallets without any commission. The broker requires $5 as a minimum deposit only, while clients can start even without any deposit by taking advantage of welcome bonus and weekly contest.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Ultra fast platform with a new high speed technology Ayrex is the fastest platform on the market. You can get direct quotes and place deals with super fast execution speed. Cutting-edge innovations were used to achieve considerable progress on the way you can trade on binary.

Minimal deposit and withdrawal are $5 only Significant advantage is that you can start trading with such a minimal deposit in the amount of $5, while other brokers usually require at least $50.

Instant withdrawals Major advance of Ayrex is that it is only platform on the market which allows it’s clients to withdraw profit instantly directly to their e-wallets. Clients of Ayrex can process their deposits and withdrawals without participation of third parties. They can easily maintain their trading budget because automatic withdrawals are not charged with any fees.

Free weekly contest Clients can participate in a free ultra fast demo contest three times a week. Winners get real monetary prizes. No deposit required as well as there are no limits on participation frequency.

Signals with 60% success rate Accurate and reliable binary signals are presented by a trusted provider. They help to analyse current market situation and reduce losses.

Best Support department of 2020 There is no need of personal managers with instant help of concerned agents of Support Department. High qualified professionals will guide you through the features of the platform and take care of all your inquiries.

Demo platform in a free access There is not more beneficial way to gain experience, try out various strategies and achieve great results without any losses than practicing on excellent demo platform. An undeniable advantage what brings Ayrex forward from it’s competitors is that demo platform can be used freely by non-registered users.

Not regulated by CySEC. One of the most complicated and time consuming processes for every broker is getting regulated by CySEC. Ayrex has already applied for the license and is in the process of negotiation with the organisation.

Lack of tools for analysis. Ayrex is constantly developing and indicators such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands were recently introduces on Android app. Soon they are coming on browser version and IOS app. Till that time customers can use Signals and market news.

3. Trading conditions

Clients have an opportunity to start trading without deposit with welcome $30 bonus. Minimum investment, as well as minimum deposit and withdrawal is $5. Deposit and withdrawal methods are reliable and internationally recognised payment systems which are easy and convenient to use. Broker offers three types of options with expiry time from revolutionary short 30 seconds to one hour. Impressive demo platform which does not require registration and is in a free access works according to conditions of real market and allows to practice and gain experience in trading.

4. Assets

Ayrex offers you more than 50 various assets to invest in:15 currency pairs, Precious metals, Oil, US natural Gas, numerous Indices and Stocks!

5. Trading platform

Ayrex has recently redeveloped their platform. Now it has outstanding design which helps traders to see the movement of quotes precisely with visual satisfaction. Ayrex creators goes with technology on the same wavelength and make trading revolutionary smooth and pleasing. They have used cutting-edge innovation which has had a greater influence on the execution speed. You will get all quotes extremely fast due to their new high speed technology. Also there are not any technical bugs, delays and lags. New platform is stable, reliable and very convenient. It has all you need, not more not less. Modern, advanced, but simple and adaptable design of the platform gives it a considerable advantage for people of all generations and levels of experience.

6. Mobile Trading

Mobile applications remain to have a long-term impact on technology, thus they have changed the way you can trade on binary. They give an easy access to the market no matter where you are. As well as on browser version, Ayrex successfully operates on Android an IOS mobile apps. Clients can trade on Short term options, participate in contest and even deposit their funds.

7. Demo account

Ayrex has a free demo account which does not require any registration. It’s greatest use is to allow customers to practice and gain considerable progress without losing their funds. It works with conditions of real market and operates on mobile applications what meets the needs of the company’s clients.

8. Account types

There is no such thing as accounts separation on Ayrex. All clients are treated in the same way. There is no need of personal managers with instant help of Support department which has got an award of ‘Best support department of 2020’. Support agents will guide new clients through the features of the platform and will help to adapt to new implementations.

9. Opening an account

One major advance is that opening account on Ayrex can not be simpler. Registration is made with one step, the second step will be to decide if you want to deposit or claim ‘Welcome bonus’ in the amount of $30. None of this steps does not require you to upload documents. Just sign up and start trading.

10. Funds withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal is $5 only! The clients must go through the simple process of verification by providing ID and residence proofs. Withdrawals can take up to three days but usually processed within few hours. Ayrex is the only broker on the market which has automatic instant withdrawals free of commission.

11. Trader training

You can not get any trading advice, but you can access education section, market news, analytics and instant help of the Support department. Easy approachable demo platform will also be a great way to train your skills.

12. Should I trade with Ayrex?

If you want to have a smooth trading on the modern and stable platform with a new high speed technology, then you definitely should join Ayrex. In two simple steps you will start trading on the platform which has impressed thousands clients all over the world by it’s outstanding performance. Automatic withdrawals have changed the way you can get your funds, there is no need to wait and pay fees for the profit you have earned! You can take advantage of various bonus offers, as well as outstanding demo platform and weekly contest.

Ayrex Review – a Scam or Legit Binary Options Broker?

First a bit about the company

Ayrex is an online binary options trading broker owned by Advanced Binary Technologies Limited. They’re headquartered in the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Their registered address is Office 590, Suites 5 Horsford’s Business Center, Long Point Rd, Charlestown. Launched in 2020, Ayrex is yet to be fully regulated by any financial body on the globe. However, at the time of writing, Ayrex reports that they’re waiting for formal recognition and regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is Ayrex a scam or legit online binary options broker?

Not being fully regulated raises questions about the legitimacy of Ayrex as a binary options broker. You wouldn’t want to invest your money without knowing that the broker you choose will close shop and make a run with your hard earned cash. So, since Ayrex isn’t currently regulated, what proof can they offer about their legitimacy?

The contact information provided by Ayrex checks out. Many scam businesses will either avoid providing their contact information or, use fake contacts. Their company registration number of C44622 also checks out meaning that they’re recognized as a legitimate company.

Ayrex is one of the few binary options brokers that we can say have transparency as part of their business model. Traders have all the information they need to know before deciding to invest their money with the firm. For example, all the information regarding bonuses you’ll earn on your deposits is provided explicitly on their website. If you cannot find the information you seek on the website, you can easily get it from one of their representatives via phone, chat or email. Members of their support team are also quite active on the CommuniTraders platform answering questions regarding the broker.

If you don’t want to invest a huge amount of money on binary options account, Ayrex has a minimum deposit requirement of $5. This gives you a chance to try out the platform without fear that you’ll lose a lot of money in case it’s a binary option scam broker firm (which it isn’t).

Being in business for over 3 years is no easy feat if you’re a scam business. The fact that Ayrex has been operating online for so long even without being fully regulated is an indicator that traders actually trust the broker. In addition, traffic to the site has been growing steadily especially since mid-2020. Close to 20% of their web traffic comes from South Africa followed by the UK.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

What makes Ayrex stand out?

Ayrex has been steadily growing since it was launched. The website is built upon custom software which makes it super fast to place your trades. You don’t have to worry about losing on a trade simply because the platform is slow. Ayrex also offers a free demo account. This makes it easy to practice trading without investing real money. You’re not required to undergo any tedious registration process to access the demo account.

Ayrex also offers two trading account options, a standard account and the Islamic account. Withdrawal requests are also processed instantly eliminating the long wait periods you’ll find in many online options brokers. Finally, you can actually start trading binary options with as little as $5

Some Ayrex pitfalls

Compared to competing online binary options brokers Ayrex’s educational resources are quite modest. New traders can get information on different pages including the FAQ and glossary. They also provide up to date news as well as an economic calendar which can come in handy when planning your trades. Despite the lack of a lot of educational resources, the platform is well designed and it’s quite easy to learn how to use it.

(Another binary options platform that is, in my opinion, a better one for beginners is 24Option, check our review about their education center.)

Is it recommended to open a trading account with Ayrex?

Any binary options trader looking for a broker whose trading platform offers speed, easy navigation, different options to trade and many features that lower risk and increase chances of profiting must consider Ayrex.

The website is built upon a unique software platform that’s fast. You can choose from different trade expiry intervals including 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. These short term trade expiry intervals make it easy to plan your trades and make profits quickly. If you want to hold your trades for longer, there are the High/Low options which can last between 15 minutes and 1 hour. Besides the classic High/Low trading options, Ayrex also offers Touch/No Touch which offers high-profit potential.

Ayrex Demo and the minimum deposit

Ayrex’s website is easy to navigate with intuitively designed sections. For beginner and experienced traders wishing to learn how the platform works, Ayrex provides a free demo account credited with $1000 virtual cash. You don’t need to go through a registration process to access the demo account. In addition, you can actually increase the virtual cash in your demo account by simply clicking on the “ADD $1000” button. Practicing with the demo account makes it easier to transition to the real cash account.

It’s usually recommended that you invest a little amount before committing to a specific binary options broker. The minimum amount you can deposit and trade within the Ayrex platform is $5. You, therefore, won’t have to worry about having tens or even hundreds of dollars being held in your trading account while you test the platform.

Ayrex is one of the few online binary options brokers that offer instant withdrawals processing. This feature comes in handy when you want your cash fast. Some traders have reported having their cash available within a few hours after submitting their withdrawal requests. What’s more, Ayrex doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees meaning you get to keep all of your earnings.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Trader complaints

Being a relatively new binary options broker, Ayrex hasn’t attracted a lot of trader complaints. However, during our research, we came across one trader complaint that reported a glitch in the platform the affected the trader’s account. Ayrex responded fast and rectified the glitch. The trader’s account was also credited with over five times the amount present in his account before the glitch. Other than this complaint, Ayrex one of the trading platforms favored by traders.

Financial regulator alerts about Ayrex

In 2020, the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC) published a list of over 40 brokers they identified as unlicensed. Ayrex was on the list. The company acted fast to meet ASIC requirements which the regulator has acknowledged.

Ayrex Bonuses

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now. Ayrex is one of the few online binary options brokers that offer trader-friendly bonuses. All you need to do to get a bonus is open a new trading account and deposit $100 and above. Currently, Ayrex offers bonuses of 10%, 20% and 30% on deposits of $100, $500 and $1000 respectively. Ayrex also recently introduced a no deposit bonus where your new account will be credited with $30. However, this is a special type of bonus which can only be applied for through the broker’s dedicated offers page.

Traders can also withdraw their bonuses which is one of the features that set Ayrex apart from the competition. However, you’ll need to meet the required turnover volume in order to be able to withdraw the bonus amount. You can also cancel the bonus any time or even request a refund of your deposit.

Instant Withdrawal your earnings from Ayrex

Every withdrawal request is processed immediately. There’s no waiting period of 3 to 10 business days as is common with many competing brokers. In addition, Ayrex doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees or commissions. The only charges you might have to incur are those imposed by your bank or other payment processors. Traders requesting their money to be sent to their e-wallet (Neteller or Skrill) accounts actually receive their funds within hours. Withdrawals can be done any day including on weekends.

Ayrex extras

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now.

Ayrex doesn’t come with the many bells and whistles you’ll find on most online binary options brokers. However, it does include unique features that set it apart from other brokers. One feature is the no deposit bonus where your new trading account is credited with $30. Another feature is the Binary Blast contest where traders have the chance of winning $100 within an hour.

User friendliness

The Ayrex website is well designed and easy to navigate. Their demo account, as well as real money trading account, are easy to use with intuitive buttons and instructions. Getting started is also quite easy. Ayrex provides a handful of resources including a manual page and a detailed FAQ page. The platform is easily accessible to traders from across the world and is available in English, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

Deposits, bonuses, and withdrawals

One feature that makes Ayrex one of the best online binary options brokers is their focus on ensuring that traders get to keep as much of their earnings as possible. The minimum amount you can deposit is $5. This makes it easy to test the platform without investing a large amount of money. Deposits can be made via several channels including credit card, wire transfer and e-wallet.

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now. Traders who deposit $100 or more are entitled to bonuses of up to 30%. Ayrex allows you to cancel your bonus anytime. The bonus amount can also be withdrawn once you’ve achieved a set turnover amount. This binary options broker also introduced a no deposit bonus which gives you the opportunity to grow your trading account fast. Besides the bonuses, traders can also grow their accounts by participating in the binary blast contest.

Ayrex allows you to withdraw your earnings and have the money available within hours through their instant withdrawals feature. In addition, this broker doesn’t charge withdrawal fees to ensure that you get most of what you’ve earned.

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Commissions and effective returns

Ayrex doesn’t deduct commissions or fees on deposits, purchases or withdrawals to your e-wallet account. The only commissions Ayrex earns is on trades you make and these are usually quite fair ensuring that you keep as much of your earnings as possible. Withdrawals via wire transfer also attract a small fee.

Compared to many online binary options brokers, Ayrex’s effective returns are quite high. On average, you will earn around 83% on successful trades.

Contact and Support

Ayrex proves their commitment to trader satisfaction through their efficient customer support system. Information about the platform and how to trade is provided on the website and an extra manual page. If you have a problem you need to be addressed, you can contact the support team through various channels including phone, email and live chat. The support team is available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about your problems taking long before being resolved.

Number of assets and trade expiry time

Ayrex offers over 50 different assets. These include indices, stocks, and currency pairs. The number of assets available on the demo account is however limited.

Ayrex focuses on short-term trading windows. This enables traders to make profits fast. The short term trading windows are complemented by the super fast platform the website is built upon. Trades can last as little as 30 seconds or as much as 5 minutes. Ayrex also offers longer trading windows on the classic High/Low options with trades lasting between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Ayrex Smartphone App

It is also possible to do mobile trading whit Ayrex, check the link below.

Platform extras

Ayrex is built on a unique platform that’s super fast. This ensures that you can place or close a trade with a single mouse click. You’re also provided with an easy to use the demo account. This makes it easy to practice your trading strategies without risking real cash. You can use the demo account for as long as you want even if you don’t open a real trading account.

The platform also includes a unique feature called the early closure. This allows you to get out of a losing trade to minimize your losses. The inclusion of an Islamic account besides the standard account is yet another platform specific feature we liked.

Ayrex opening an Account

Since its launch in 2020, Ayrex has continued to gain popularity among traders looking to make profits fast. Built on a fast platform, this broker’s website makes it easy to get in and out of trades fast. The majority of the trades are short-term meaning you can make profits within seconds. Ayrex also has over 50 different assets to choose from. This online binary options broker sets itself apart from competitors by offering unique trader friendly features such as instant withdrawals, high bonuses and effective returns, an easy to use platform as well as excellent support.

If you have more interest in this broker, click the link.

Thank you for visiting, and good luck trading.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

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