300 Millionaire Robot Review

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300 Millionaire Robot Review

300 Millionaire Robot Review: The online trading has moved a separate level with the invent of binary trading, which has been gaining exponential movement in the past few years. The binary trading attracts many new traders and brokers with an aim to make it big in the arena. This leads to speculative activity and individuals considers binary trading and binary robots as a speculative adventure and treats it like that. Whereas in reality, it requires a lot of discipline and sound understanding to make it a living. To make life easier for the traders, developers have introduced the trading signal & automatic software which assists the traders. This software allows the traders to trade on behalf of them in an automatic fashion with inbuilt features to select a variety of variables.

The exponential growth and invent of automatic trading software have also attracted some con artists in the business whose only motto is to rob the traders. Hence, it becomes important for the traders to make a wise choice before selecting an auto trading software. Recently, one of our readers had sent a mail regarding 300 millionaires, which claims to provide superlative returns to their customers and hence, today, we will review the 300 millionaire – an automated trading software. Our review process, as we have discussed in earlier articles, has very stringent processes to identify the pros and cons of the service provider. The following text describes the various facets of the 300 millionaires.

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    Best Binary Options Brokers: 2020 Ranking
    • Binarium

      Best Choice! The leader in our ranking!
      Perfect for beginners!
      Free Demo Acc + Free Trading Education!

    • Binomo

      Good choice for experienced traders!

    300 Millionaire Robot Review

    The 300 millionaire is one of the new entrants in the automated binary trading software arena and claims that the software assists their traders to gain $ 4,000 to over $ 12,000 per month. Our investigation of the 300 millionaires provided no information regarding the people behind the automated software. The website has absolutely no information regarding the promoter company, its address, or its contact details. The first point of our research gave us the negative feeling about the software.

    We investigated further with online resources in order to find the information regarding the registration details and license from a regulatory authority. As expected, we could not find any detail regarding the license. This is a big negative for any software service provider and creates a million doubts in the mind.

    The Platform

    The website of the 300 millionaires looks very cheap and has a simple layout. The front page of the website boasts about the software and its efficacy. It tells us that he knows how to earn $ 2,000 per day and participating in his project can lead to monthly earning of $ 4,456 to $ 12,476 per month. It also shows that it is the only available project on the net with more 80 percent winning trade bringing in gains from 173 percent to 1800 percent per day. The platform claims to provide 40 win-win trades per day.

    300Millionaire Robot Review

    The website also indicates that the platform is only available for the select 300 people only. It has a counter indicating a number of enrolled clients. Surprisingly, the counter has moved to 249 initially and then to 24 but when we checked the next day, the counter showed that there are still more than 100 slots left. Implying that there are no real enrollment happening and it is not for the select few as claimed.

    It seems it is just an another scam in the foray which provides false hopes to the traders and investors with unrealistic gains. As a trader, you must understand that you can gain from binary trading but there are no short cuts and you will have to have dedication and perseverance to make money. The terms and conditions on the website are also poorly written with no information regarding the promoters of the website. Neither, the website does not provide any information regarding the location of the company’s office nor it has any web chat option to ask questions.

    The website has an embedded video in the middle of the front page. Now, we are not surprised that the video does not play. Below the video, the website owner claims that he had made $3.8 million in the past five years while his near and dears have made $ 2.5 million during the same period. This kind of claims is never heard of in the binary market. Such exaggerated claims were put only to make you fall in the trap.

    The software claims that this project is developed to aid the traders and assist them in making money by trading binary options with 80% winning accuracy. Meaning, the website will auto trade on behalf of you with 8 out of 10 winning trades. You have to sign up for the automatic trading software and make a deposit of $ 200 to get you started. The software places an order for you and completes the transactions.

    Unlike established auto Robot Software, the 300 millionaire does not have any affiliated broker, also it does not have any information or educational material for traders to gain knowledge.

    The Cost

    The 300 millionaire website does not ask any separate amount for using its services and they are available absolutely free. The only requirement is that you will have to enroll into their website and deposit $ 200 to start trading on the website.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    As expected, the website does not provide any information regarding the processes one need to adhere to in order to make a deposit or withdraw their winnings. While the website makes exorbitant claims about winning huge amount by investing in the project, it does not provide information regarding how to withdraw the money traders have made on the website.

    Does that mean that website only allows you to deposit the fund and discourage you from withdrawing funds? Think…

    Payouts and Trading

    The website offers very generous payouts in the range of 97 percent of the investment amount, but when you initiate a trade, the platform does not allow you to see what exactly you are trading. Another important aspect is that the website has no information regarding financial transactions.


    The only support system available on the website is through only an e-mail. This is very disappointing as its competitors provide a robust support system which utilizes online web chat, phone, and other available online platforms. The competitors in the field provide 24 x 7 support to their customers and provide FAQs to satiate most of their common queries.

    Customer Reviews

    As we could not find any positive points about the website, we searched the internet to find the various customer reviews posted on the 300 millionaire website and also on other binary review websites.

    The review presented on the 300 millionaire website indicates that the website is the only place on earth which allows its clients to make enormous profit possible from the binary trading. The reviews on the website show that all customer seems to thank Mr. Michel for allowing them the opportunity to make huge gains. One of the reader says that he started off with only $ 500 and had made humungous $ 17,578 in just 3 weeks, whereas, another review has written that he quit his job as he had made $ 13,144.8 by investing $ 1,000. There are many reviewers on the website indicating and enforcing the claims of the site owner. We have never found such reviews on other websites offering auto trading facility, and on 300 millionaires it seems everyone is winning, but our experience suggests that these all reviews on the 300 millionaire website are planted and they are not real ones.

    300Millionaire Robot Review Promotion

    The Verdict

    As we come to the conclusion of our review of the 300 millionaire’s website, we have revealed many secrets of the website. The website deploys all the marketing gimmicks to convince that it’s a legitimate software service provider but fails to convince us. The website claims superlative profits for their customers but fails to provide any real proof of it. It also shows that it has got the most satisfied clientele in the binary arena but they also seem planted and proves to be a hoax. The poor website design along with no information regarding the promoters behind the website makes us edgy. The website also does not provide any information regarding the registration or license from a legitimate regulatory authority. The website also has a very poor customer support system and does not provide any information about the fund handling. The non-availability of information regarding withdrawal and deposit policy, no license, no promoter information, no information regarding its affiliated brokers, and no information about the registered address has created a million doubts about the website.

    Our advice to our readers is that there is legitimate software service provider who has established itself in the binary trading market with consistent performance and gained popularity with its unparalleled services. The trading software we are talking about is provided by the Option Robot. The Option Robot is associated with established binary brokerage houses like Banc De Binary, 24 Option, StockPair amongst others. Option Robot provides professional signal services with auto trading option and account opening is straightforward with their associated brokerage houses.The website of the Option Robot scores very high in terms of website design and aesthetics, also it has an affiliation with established binary brokers who have proven track records and are legitimate license holders.

    Overall, we would recommend our readers to completely avoid the 300 Millionaire website so that you don’t get trapped. The trustworthiness of the 300 millionaire website is questionable and hence we recommend our readers to select Option Robot for their signal service or auto trading requirements.

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    300 Millionaire is one of the newest binary options automated trading software that claims to be able to make its members from $4,000 to over $12,000 per month. Is this possible? See our full review!

    300 Millionaire is a robot created by Michael Bennet, a purported multi-millionaire with beautiful homes, cars, and all the trappings of the millionaire lifestyle. He achieved this through trading binary options thanks to his proprietary zero risk software which made him over $31 million in five years, and because he’s just a kind soul on the inside, he wants to share his success with a select group of 300 people.

    So is 300 Millionaire a legitimate robot or just another robot scam? Read below to find out!

    Basic information:

    Cost: Free
    Software: 100% Automated
    Max Returns: Up to 90%
    Minimum Deposit: $200
    Countries: All nations

    • Fake claims and testimonials
    • No real information at all provided
    • Unregulated broker

    7BO Verdict:

    Not Reliable Service

    What is 300 Millionaire Robot?

    Just like any binary options robot that claims to be able to make you a millionaire, 300 Millionaire is just another scam playing on your hopes and dreams of easy money to make money for themselves. First, you should understand while it is possible to make money with binary options, there is no such thing as risk-free trading and there is no way you will come anywhere close to a million dollars unless you are making deposits in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. On a minimum $250 deposit? Forget it!

    Anyway a closer perusal of the 300 Millionaire website brings up their (extremely poorly written) Risk Statement, which makes it seem like their software is not as effective as previously claimed.

    Needless to say, Michael Bennet is himself just another actor, which is a fact that should not surprise anyone with even a passing familiarity of how these binary options robot scams work. While we were unable to verify his actual identity, we did manage to track down the cheap Fiverr actors they used for their video testimonials.

    How Does It Work?

    These scam robots all work in the same way; they promise you an impossibly awesome zero-risk robot that will generate you absurd amounts of profits and at no cost to you. This no cost feature is usually justified as the creator of the software wanting to ‘give back to society’ or looking for ‘beta testers’ for the software. The money is made via affiliate commissions which are paid out by their partner broker to them when unsuspecting customers fund their trading account through the robot.

    The best part? By the time the customers discover the robot doesn’t work as promised (because no robot can live up to the fantastical claims these scammers make), the scammers have already made their money. And because the robot was given away freely, customers have no legal recourse or demands they can make.

    To make things worse, the brokers the scammers usually partner with are unregulated and in a significant amount of cases, totally untrustworthy. Usually, customers end up losing even more money to said brokers due to their high pressure sales tactics such as pressuring customers to make ever larger trades following a loss.

    In our case, the broker we were redirected to when using 300 Millionaire was Gain Option, which is, no surprise here, completely unregulated.


    300 Millionaire will not make you a millionaire, though you will probably lose at least $300 if you do trade using this robot. Michael Bennet doesn’t exist and neither does a robot that will make you a millionaire off your minimum deposit amount. Skip this silly robot scam.

    300 Millionaire Robot Review

    With a promise to generate as much as $12,000 per month for each of its customers the 300 Millionaire Robot has caught many people’s attention despite being a new arrival on the binary scene. However this is an impressive claim from 300 Millionaire Robot and may simply indicate it is a 300 Millionaire Robot scam.

    300 Millionaire Robot – The Basics

    This software was designed by Michael Bennet. The promotional spiel tells you how Michael is a multi-millionaire with a luxurious lifestyle. Apparently this has all been possible because of the 300 Millionaire Robot. He is offering the software for free and claims it will provide you with returns of 90%. An additional benefit is that the software is fully autonomous.

    Unfortunately the reviews and testimonials which have been posted all appear to be fake. In fact, there is a serious lack of information regarding the business or even the designer. Alongside this you will find that the brokerages associated with the 300 Millionaire Robot are all unlicensed.

    The 300 Millionaire Robot has the potential to be a scam as it makes some very impressive but impossible claims. It even purports to be risk free; despite the fact that this is impossible in the investing world. You will even note that their disclaimer; written in tiny print, states that the advertised results may not be possible to achieve.

    Getting Started with the 300 Millionaire Robot

    If you believe the promises of obscene wealth for virtually no effort than you should visit the 300 Millionaire Robot’s website and enter your personal details. You will then be awarded a brokerage and you will need to add $250 or more to your account. There is no physical payment to 300 Millionaire Robot as they earn commission from the broker you join; all of which are unlicensed.

    In theory you will then start earning money although the reality may be different. Unfortunately as any type of investing is a risk there is no real comeback on 300 Millionaire Robot. This increases the likelihood that the 300 Millionaire Robot is a scam

    Conclusion – The 300 Millionaire Robot Scam

    The 300 Millionaire Robot scam will not generate a fortune for you. It will certainly not help you to become a millionaire. The most likely scenario is that you will lose your funds; leaving your broker and the 300 Millionaire Robot happy. You will be better to pick a different system.

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